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3 Tips to help your marketing shine

3 Tips to help your marketing shine Article
3 channel approach to marketing

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What’s the secret to marketing a business?

There is no secret formula, magic potion or silver bullet that will make your business be a huge success. However in this blog I wanted to share with you three area that I have focused on in my business over the past 18 months, that have led huge business growth, and a continuous flow of new customers.

Ok are you ready? Buckle yourself in and here we go……

1. Your Website & Local SEO

You have no idea how often I see a new business launch, they have a gorgeous logo and sparkly new website, but then the website is just left on the world wide web with no ongoing work happening on the website to attract new users, and move them along their buying journey.

So I highly recommend that you do the following to your website:

  • User experience – Test your user experience. Is your website easy to navigate or users have to go down a tunnel of clicks to get to the page and information they want? That’s not a great user experience. Make the information easy to find and lay it out logically.
  • Services – Is it easy to find what services/products you offer?
  • Download – Have you got a free downloadable eBook, checklist or tool available on your home page? Add an email opt in and this is a great way to build your list of engaged potential customers.
  • Video – Have you got a welcome video on your website? This is a great way for a new client to get a feel for you and what you are all about.
  • Video testimonials – Do you have video testimonials from your clients? If so put them on your website, it will help to build trust for your brand.
  • Blogs – Write a regular blog post to solve your potential customers problems. Plus you can use these blogs in email sequences, to send to a potential new client and more.

From a local SEO point of view, I recommend that you focus on your Google My Business page. This is the page that is linked to our maps listing on Google. On your Google My Business page you can:

  • Post videos
  • Share your blogs
  • Post photos
  • Share an event
  • Share an offer
  • Share content
  • Receive reviews
  • Showcase the breadth of services that you offer

Use Google My Business as you would any social media channel. Post regularly aim to post 3 times per week.


2. Be a content producing machine!

If you follow me on social media you will be aware of the amount of content that I put out each week and month. It’s free content as I want to give as much as I can to assist potential customers in deciding if they want to work with me or not.

Firstly you need to research and understand which channels your clients are using. Then develop a strategy and plan for each channel.

Your content needs to be a mixture of video and written content. Video is a must for any content plan. If you are not including video in your marketing plan yet, start now!

YouTube and IGTV are great ways to start building a relationship with your brand via video.
Here’s the content I produce each month:

  • Small Business Marketing Tips – my fortnightly newsletter.
  • Marketing Tip of the Week – video tips shared on YouTube, LinkedIn and IGTV.
  • Social Media – I post daily to my Insta Stories and about 4 – 5 times per week to Facebook and Instagram accounts. LinkedIn I probably post about 2-3 times per week.
  • Blogs – I write one blog/customer case study per month.
  • Email Opt in – I refresh this once per quarter. I have 2 – 3 on my website at any one time.
  • The Marketing Hot Seat – This is a video series where I share video interviews every fortnight on YouTube.

So you can see that’s a whole lot of content to put out. But I schedule the time in my calendar and I commit to doing it each week and month. And remember to share share share!

Once you have produced all of this content let your fans, email list and followers know and push it out to them.

3. Networking – Just call me the networking queen!

Well I love to chat and I love to meet new people so for me business networking is fun and easy. I don’t dread it as many of my clients do.

And to be honest business networking has led to about 70% of my client base. Relationship and contacts that I have built over time has turned into business.

The first year I was in business I went to everything! Now I have paired back a little on what I go to, but I am still a regular on the business networking scene as I love it, and it’s such an important part of building relationships and growing your business.

For someone to know, like and trust you, there is no better way to start this process than via a face to face encounter and an interesting chat. Listen more than you speak that’s my tip.

Ask lot’s of questions don’t just talk about yourself. Learn about the person standing in front of you.

So there you have it, my tips on where to focus your marketing energies in 2019. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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