6 Marketing tips to help you re-open your business

6 marketing tips to help you reopen you business
6 Marketing tips to help you re-open your business
6 Marketing tips to help you re-open your business Article

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As life in Perth and the rest of Australia begins to slowly go back to normal (yay!), it’s now time to think about your marketing strategy as  you re-open your business.

You need to focus on building a strong marketing plan to promote your business, so that your customers and potential customers know that you are open for business again, especially if you have a bricks and mortar store needing that boost in attraction and foot traffic.

In this blog I share 6 marketing tips, to help you market your business to existing and new customers, as you prep for business to return to normal.


1 . Email marketing

The first thing I  recommend is sending all of your customers on your email list, a video using the free Google Chrome plugin tool Loom to record  your video. Loom is easy to use and then embed the video into your email.

In your video you can share:

  • When you’ll be opening
  • What products and services you’ll be offering – has anything changed?
  • How your business will be running and adhering to the 3-step government plan
  • Your operating hours
  • And any other changes that may relate to your customers experience

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Loom in your business you can read my blog about Loom here.


2 . Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Next you will need to update your  Google My Business page, which is your free local listing with Google,  any changes in the business such as:

  • opening hours
  • products/services offered
  • and your business description will need to include keywords of any new services and products that you are no offering.

Your website will also need to be updated to reflect any of these changes too, and if you are offering new products or services make sure you update your website with new service/product pages, and chose your focus keyword, meta title and meta description so that these new pages are found on Google.

Read this blog next if you’d like to find out How to attract new local customers via Google My Business.


3 . Social Media

Engage, engage, engage! If you’ve understandably been a little quieter on socials, due to the pandemic and homeschooling, then it’s now time to plan and ramp up your social media content.

Here’s some ideas to drive engagement:

  • Make an IGTV video to again explain any changes, what you have been up to in relation to your business and how you’ve been managing the changes
  • Jump on you Instagram stories and ask any questions that your customers can respond to. I also love seeing Instagram polls for business related questions.
  • Last but not least; do some posts! It could be inspirational, motivational, educating, informative or even something personal. And don’t forget to take the time to thank each and every one of your customers for their support during this time!


4 . Partner Marketing

Hit up another fellow business owner in your area, and team up with them.  Make sure it’s another business that will compliment yours, where you both have the same ideal customers, but you offer different products/services to them. You could:

  • Do a giveaway to promote each other’s business products or services
  • Announce an offer to their email list and vice versa
  • Share some of their products or services on your media account and vice versa.


5 . Limited time Offers

Kick-start business again with a special offer for a limited time only. You can share your offers with your email list, via partner marketing as per point 4 above, on your socials, via your Google My Business page and on your website.

Think discounts, freebies and special services will be sure to boost more attraction and show your customers how happy you are to be back open for business!


6 . Paid Ads

And lastly there has never been a better time to run some paid advertising on platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook.

Depending on where you ideal customers hangs out, you can run some ads on Instagram, Facebook or Google to drive traffic to your website or physical premises. This will also be worth doing if you want to get your special offers out to as many new customers as possible!

So start building your marketing plan today, so that you can hit the ground running and get those customers through the doors again. And congratulations for being back open for business!

If you need any help building a marketing strategy and plan as your re-open you business get in touch we’d love to help.


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