7 Tips to help you write captivating headlines

7 Tips to help you write captivating headlines
7 Tips to help you write captivating headlines
7 Tips to help you write captivating headlines Article

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Let’s face it if you have a weak headline on your blog, article, or video, it’s unlikely that you are going to entice many readers to continue reading.

So in this blog I am going to share, 7 tips to help you write alluring headlines,that will draw your readers in and leave them wanting to know more.





1 . Start your headline with a number

By starting the title of your blog with a number, it creates curiosity with your readers. And your reader will know exactly how many tips, ways, or secrets that you are going to share, to help them with a specific problem they are experiencing.  An example of a headline could be “7 secrets to help you get more customers for your business”.


2 . Use “How To” in your headline

This is another great way to start your headlines, as it sets the expectation that you are going to lay out the exact steps that your readers need to learn or do something.

And these how to blogs are also great to turn into a free downloadable eBook that your readers can download to refer to again and again. An example of a topic might be “How to dominate SEO in 2020”.


3 . Flag common mistakes

Every industry has it’s traps and areas to make mistakes. So you could write a blog addressing this with something along the lines of “Are you making these common marketing mistakes?” A reader is going to want to click through to find out if they are! Here’s a link to one of the most popular blogs on my website which uses this headline method:

7 common marketing problems and solutions


4 . Ask questions in your headline

By posing a questions in your video, article or blog headline, it will encourage the reader to want to find  out the answer to the question that you have asked.

You might create a blog title such as this on, which I created for a blog that I wrote about why you need to do market research:

Why do you need to do market research for your business?


5 . Pay attention to the length of your headline

The ideal headline length for Google search results is 50 – 60 characters. If your headline is any longer than this it will be cut off , and the reader won’t be able to read the full title. So that blog title may not make sense or be captivating enough. Do your character count so you know exactly how many characters your headline is using.

Ultimately you want your blog content  to be found on Google so stick to this rule in particular for Google.


6 . Use an image to compliment your headline

Whether you are writing an article, blog or explaining what a course or service is about, you need to accompany it with a compelling image. The image must represent what you are talking about in the content. You can grab free images from websites such as: Unsplash, Stocksnap or Pexels.

And ensure that the image you choose is on brand too. Ask yourself does this image represent my brand accurately?


7 . Test and analyse your headlines

The final tip is that you need to test and analyse your headlines. Google Analytics is a great tool that you can use to find out which blogs are the most popular on  your website. Which blogs are getting the most visits, and longest time spent on page?

When you uncover this data in Google Analytics then take a look at the headlines you have used, what format is working well for you. And create more blogs with the headline format that is working the best for your audience.

You need to continue to tweak and test as you add more content to your website.

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