9 marketing tips for a service based business

9 marketing tips for a service based business
9 marketing tips for a service based business
9 marketing tips for a service based business Article

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Well it’s hard to believe that Vivacity Marketing turns two this month. Year two has brought so many more opportunities to me, and of course challenges. I doubled my annual revenue from year one to year two which I am thrilled about.

But I have also become really clear on my service offering and the types of clients that I enjoy working with.

In this blog post I will share with you the main things I have learnt and achieved, in year two, that hopefully these tips can help you in your service based business too.

Service based business marketing tips

1. Move away from company of one

I listened to a podcast recently and where the author of the book “The E Myth”, Michael Gerber was interviewed. He spoke about, if you have a company of one, the business is reliant on you solely and that is not scalable.

To move to a true enterprise with staff you need to move away from the company of one model.

So in year two in my business I took on a part time marketing consultant to delegate work to. And also I continued to outsource my admin tasks to my Virtual Assistant, I have a web developer and a copy writer. They have skills that I do not need to learn.

I am partners with Hubdo my digital agency. And they do all of the digital implementation work in my business for my clients such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEO etc.

This helped me move away from a company of one, and to a more scalable business.

2. Refining the types of clients you work with

I think in the first year in business you are so keen to find new clients that you end up working with clients that are not the right fit for you.

So in the last year I have gotten really clear on who I want to work with, and I say no to potential clients when I can sense they do not fit with my business and values, or how I operate.

And I have managed some clients out of the business that simply didn’t work with Vivacity Marketing values and culture.

It takes courage to say no to a potential client, but they way I look at it is, it’s making way for a client that is a better fit for you and the business. Because if you take a client on board that is a bad fit, it will mean you can not serve them to their level of expectation, and they they will leave eventually anyhow.

3. Adjust your service offering

I also took at look at the services that Vivacity Marketing was offering, and I realised there was a gap that I could fill with an online program.

So I launched my marketing membership Marketing School, which was fortnightly video lessons with me, and a load of guest presenters too, to keep the lessons interesting and engaging, as I am sure the members got sick of my dulcet Irish tones!

I took 40 businesses through the membership over a 9 month period, but then I identified that there was a need for a short marketing course, so I launched Marketing School course in June 2019.

I’ve since wound down the monthly membership as it took up too much of my time, and I wanted to focus my energies elsewhere. And the 8 week course still provides a cost effective way to obtain online coaching from me. Plus the members get support on an ongoing basis via Zoom calls and a private facebook group. And via the quarterly Marketing + Mimosas face to face events which are exclusive to past and present students.

I also reduced the number of marketing coaching clients that I was seeing one to one, as it was again taking up too much of my time and energy, and I increased my prices, because basically my Accountant said that I was not charging enough!

Instead I’ve focused on building up the marketing strategy and planning side of the business, and outsourced digital marketing as that’s what I enjoy doing. I do the marketing strategy and then the digital marketing plan is implemented by my agency Hubdo.

So don’t be scared to assess the products and services in your business, and look at how you can improve them and do more of what you love!

4. Cultivate existing client relationships

I’ve also focused on building strong relationships with my existing outsource marketing clients. I am lucky that my clients spend anywhere between 6 months and 2 years with me.

By continuing to deliver results, add value, and nurture those client relationships, I am reducing my client turnover rate.

As I believe that marketing is ever changing and evolving and so are your clients businesses, so you need to adapt and grow with the business.

And the longer you work with a business, the deeper you understand their pain points and challenges, and can help find and implement better solutions.

5. Always make time for marketing your own business

I diligently time blocked time each week into my diary to produce my own marketing. I produce a lot of content in a month so I need to make sure I take the time to plan and implement it.

I have placed a big emphasis on my local SEO in the past year, and 80% of my business leads now as a result come from Google. SEO is a long game and takes continuous consistent effort to rank for local SEO results. So stay committed.

6. Attend business networking groups that you enjoy!

In year one in business I went to so many business networking groups and events, as that was part of my brand awareness strategy, to go to everything and be where my ideal client was.

But that can be very time consuming, so over the last year I left two regular networking groups that I was part of and now I just focus on 2 regular groups and a couple of ad hoc events.

That way I am going to the event I enjoy, and I am cultivating long term relationships with the members in these groups.

I took a trip home to Ireland in September last year, and I ended up attending a LinkedIn Local Dublin event while I was there.

And this led to me being interviewed on a radio station in Dublin, when I got back to Perth. So you just never know what opportunities will present themselves to you, but attending the right events for you.

7. Launch a YouTube show

Earlier this year I launched a brand new interview series on my YouTube channel, called The Marketing Hot Seat. In these interviews I interview very successful business owners, and find out what they have done from a marketing point of view to be such a success.

The channel adds value to my audience and educates them, which is a key component of what we do here at Vivacity Marketing. YouTube is a really untapped resource here in the Australian market, yet it’s growing at a phenomenal rate, so I believe it’s one to watch!

8. Ongoing training and up-skilling

Over the past year I have done numerous small courses to help me to become a better marketer and so that I can service my clients better. I did courses in digital marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, Pinterest, and more. If you stop learning, you stop growing.

And part of this learning and up skilling, mindset is a key component to focus on too. Mindset can be a silent killer in business, and I probably found year two tougher from a mindset point of view. I recently did a Mindset workshop which was a game changer. And I have an online business coach too which works well with my busy schedule.

So I’ve had to adjust some things in my business that was extracting too much energy from me, which meant adjusting my service offering and moving away from certain types of clients.

9. Say yes to amazing business opportunities

A couple of months ago I was approached by a brand new business called GreenStalk that was launched in June this year. They needed a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to join their team of experts.

They wanted to assemble a group of experts across business planning, marketing, IT, operations, finance/bookkeeping, hr and governance, and lending and grants; so that together we could provide a business solution to help medium size businesses grow in all of these areas, and ultimately become more profitable.

So when I find out what they wanted to achieve, and what their values were, I immediately jumped at the opportunity and became part of this company and imitative as it aligned with my business values and beliefs. So I now also work part time as their CMO, which I am loving.

What’s next for Vivacity Marketing?

So it’s been a very busy year and my plan now as I head into year three, is to outsource more so that I can focus on doing more of what I love. And my focus is to move even further away from a company of one and more towards a business that can operate without me.

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