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4 Business growth tips from my four years in business

4 Business growth tips from my four years in business Article
4 Growth Tips from my four years in business

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Well today I celebrate 4 years in business, as I head into my 5th year! It’s been one hell of a ride personally and professionally over the past 4 years. So today I am going to share four business growth tips that have helped my business thrive over the past 4 years.

Did you know that only about half of small businesses survive passed the five-year mark, according to Forbes magazine? So if you are reading this and you are part of the half that is thriving, pat yourself on the back and well done to you.

1 . Hire mentors to help you grow

As your business evolves, so will your business coaches. What you needed in the beginning you won’t necessarily need 3 or 4 years down the track.

I’ve had a few different business coaches as I needed them in my business:

  • Lanna Hill helped me to create my first every business plan and helped me in the crucial first year in business.
  • Then I worked with Kerrie Allen who helped me to launch Marketing School which began as a membership and now has evolved into an evergreen online course.
  • Pete & Helen Nicholls at my partnering agency Hubdo are always on hand to help out with client accounts and help me with any issues I may need assistance with, so it’s been great having them as part of my team.
  • And this year I started working with Anthony English as I needed a coach to help me grow beyond COVID and into the next level in my business. In a short space of time, he has been a huge help to me and helped me to attract amazing businesses, who have in turn become my clients.


As well as mentors for my business, I’ve also been looking after my spiritual health and taking part in Reiki healings with Kirsty Kolhagen, and Acupuncture with Dr Adeel.

And I worked with a naturopath Chloe Dennison over the past year to sort out my gut health and get my low iron levels firing again. And Dr Fatima has been pumping me full of iron infusions and vitamin infusions to help increase my energy levels, and it has worked! If your health isn’t firing neither will your business be.


2 . Collaborate with other businesses

I have been so grateful to expand my team and my service offerings at Vivacity Marketing through collaborating with freelancers in Perth and around Australia:

  • Mark who is my go-to web designer.
  • Jen who is my copywriter for all copy requirements.
  • Tracy who is my graphic designer.
  • Vanessa who is my fabulous Marketing Co-ordinator who helps with all of my content creation.
  • Pete, Helen, Lloyd and Troy at Hubdo who are my partnering agency and provide my SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads Management services for my clients.
  • Elle who has just come on board to assist with social media.

With this amazing team behind me anything is possible!


3 . Focus on SEO in your business

My agency Hubdo have been looking after the SEO for my Vivacity Marketing website since I launched the business 4 years ago.

Alongside my website being optimised for search I put a lot of effort into content creation for:

  • Regular blogs
  • Posting on my Google My Business page
  • Posting videos and posts on social media
  • Guest blogging and interviews on other websites
  • And obtaining Google Reviews from my clients.

All of the above has meant that Google is now my number one source of leads for my business.

SEO is a slow game and people often want quick results, but that’s not the case.

You need to put in the effort consistently month in and month out to ensure your website will be found in searches on Google for your key search terms.

So never underestimate the power of having an SEO plan and strategy in place for your business. It all starts with a keyword plan.


4 . Build meaningful relationships through networking

Business networking was a huge part of the first 3 years in business.

Over the past year I’ve found it more difficult to network and get out to events with COVID and also now being a single mother. But I choose the events I now go to carefully to ensure I am in the room with my kind of people.

What this has led to is amazing friendships and relationships with other women in business. They are great sounding boards for my business and on the tough days they help me get out of a funk.

So, find your tribe and love the hard, as that’s who will get you through the highs and lows in business.

In Perth we are lucky to have such an amazing range of talented business owners and most of my great business friends have been made through Fusion Biz Co. which I have been part of since I launched my business, so thank you to my friend Ash Matkovic for building that amazing community.

Networking will always be so important to me as it’s helped me grow my business and create lifelong relationships.

Now bring on my 5th year in business, I’m ready for you! — Helping you build a vibrant business


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