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How to use Clubhouse the new audio social media app

How to use Clubhouse the new audio social media app Article
How to use Clubhouse

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Have you heard, there’s a brand new social media audio app? I want to share with you and it’s called Clubhouse. In this blog I will cover the basics of Clubhouse and it’s functionality and how to get started using this app.

The main reason I want to share this great platform is because I can see it’s a great space for businesses in regards to networking, sharing knowledge and creating more meaningful relationships in your business.

What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is an audio only social media app that allows people from around the world to talk, listen, learn and be a part of a verbal community. It’s currently only for iPhone users, so Android users will need to wait to get access.

Based on your interests, you can jump in and out of live conversations in Rooms, to listen in or even have your own say. I also like to think of it as a free-flowing, live podcast that gives you an opportunity to listen to a variety of topics, around the world.

How do you get invited to Clubhouse?

The unique platform has built itself on its exclusivity so at this time, the only way you can get into the platform is by invite only. but you can download the app and jump onto the waitlist in the meantime.

I usually have a few invites floating around so if you need to be invited to Clubhouse hit me up!

How does Clubhouse work?

As mentioned, Clubhouse is only for live speaking, so there’s no going back on conversations but you can be notified of up and coming ones.

When you join a conversation in Clubhouse, it’s called a ‘Room’ and these rooms are made up of moderators, speakers and listeners.

Moderators: The moderators start a room in Clubhouse which makes them the speaker and are able to add, mute and remove other speakers just by tapping on their profile photo. They are known to monitor the room and will have a badge symbol to show they are the monitor.

Speakers: Those who have been invited up by the moderator to talk in the room. A speaker can mute or unmute their microphone at any time (it is common to mute your microphone when another speaker is talking).

Listeners: Those that join the room to listen in on the conversation. If at any point during the conversation, you as a listener, have something to add, you can tap the hand symbol and the moderator can invite you up to the stage to speak.

Some rooms hosted by moderators will have particular rules that you should follow so always be mindful of being respectful to those and any other speakers in the room.

Finding your way around Clubhouse

1 . Set up your profile to stand out

Clubhouse profile

When setting up your profile, you want to make sure people can see who you are, what you do and how you can help or add value.

So, in your profile bio, make sure you include a little bit about yourself or your business and how you can add value to a chat. It’s important to add relevant keywords that will help your profile get noticed when people are searching for others to follow.

And make sure to add your Instagram and Twitter handles e.g. @vivacitymarketing.

2 . Your interests

Your Interests on Clubhouse

Once you’re in the platform, you’ll be prompted to choose from a variety of interests so that the platform can be more personalised to you.  There are a range of interests including topics around business, marketing, wellness, investing, world affairs, general knowledge and even life topics to have conversations about.

3 . Your Party hat

Once you’re all set up, note that you will have a small party hat symbol by your profile picture. This resembles to others users that you’re new to the platform, and you will have this hat for 7 days.

4 . The Hallway

The Clubhouse Hallway

The area you will see when you first login is called ‘The Hallway’.  Similar to a newsfeed, this is where you can browse through the current rooms to join and is a little bit like a homescreen that allows you to navigate through other areas.  So you can see what conversations and rooms are currently live, and see if any of the topics appeal to you, and if so jump on into that room.

5 . Top Menu

Icons in Clubhouse

You will also notice your top menu bar which shows the following;

The search icon:

Here you can find more people or clubs to follow by searching their name or type in keywords such as ‘Entrepreneur’ & ‘Marketing’ if you want to find new people that will talk about the things you’re interested in listening to.

You can also search by the type of conversation. If for instance, I want to listen to topics about wellness, I can tap this area to find different wellness topics as well as relevant people or clubs to follow.

The envelope icon: 

When this icon appears with a little start, it means you have an invite you can give out to one of your contacts.

Calendar icon:

This icon allows you to see what conversation rooms are coming up so you don’t miss out. By tapping the small bell icon, you can choose to follow all of the room hosts so that you can be notified of their up and coming conversation. You can also add your own notification for when you host your own room by tapping the top right calender with the + symbol on it.

On the top of your calendar, you will see that it says ‘upcoming for you’, you also have the option to filter this as follows;

  • All upcoming is going to show you all chats around the world that are coming up.
  • Upcoming for you is based on your interests and people you follow.
  • My events are for the events you are either hosting or a guest for.

This function is great for keeping on track with what you have coming up to listen to!

Bell icon: This icon shows all of your notifications which includes upcoming room conversations and follower notifications.

Profile: Your profile is on the top menu which is where you can edit your bio, see who you follow and you also have the option to connect to twitter and instagram here.

Dial pad: On the bottom right of your hallway, you can also see which of your friends are online by tapping on the small dial pad symbol.

Starting a room

Starting a room on Clubhouse

You will see in the hallway, a large green button that allows you to start a room. You have the option to start a room that is either open, social or closed.

An open room is open to anyone to join and are also the rooms you will see on your hallway feed.

A social room is limited to the people you follow but you can add moderators who can then add people they follow to keep the room a little less public.

And lastly, you can also start a closed room where you only add specific people to the room for the more private option for a smaller group to have a conversation.

Joining an open room

When scrolling through your hallway, you will be able to find a room of interest. The components of the room will show;

– The name of the host or club
– The name of the room
– The number of speakers and listeners

Once you tap into a room, you will see all of the moderators and speakers on top, followed by all of the listeners below.

Tools you can use in a Room

In a room icons Clubhouse

The small + symbol allows you to ping one of your followers into a room if you think they might like the conversation and don’t want them to miss it.

The hand symbol allows you to ‘raise your hand’, meaning you’re asking a moderator to come on stage so that you can ask a question or add some value (just keep in mind, some rooms have different etiquette).

If you can no longer listen, there’s also an option to leave the chat with the ‘leave quietly’ button.

Once you are on stage with the speaker you will have a microphone symbol in the bottom right of your screen so when invited to speak press that to unmute yourself. And when you have finished speaking press the mute button to mute you.

If you want to clap for another speaker press the mute button on and off continuously this is the Clubhouse version of clapping!

My Clubhouse handle is @vanessageraghty so come and follow me and say hi. I’d love to connect on Clubhouse.

So there you have it,  an overview of Clubhouse. I hope this helps you get started with this trending and new social platform. If you want extra guidance on using this unique platform, Clubhouse also host a weekly orientation room for new users.

You can find out more information here about the platform.

Lastly, if you’re trying to get access to the app, feel free to message me in case I have any more invites!

Vanessa xx — Helping you build a vibrant business

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