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Delight your customers with an amazing customer experience

Delight your customers with an amazing customer experience Article
Delight your customers with an amazing customer experience

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A happy customer is your best marketing tool

A happy customer will talk about you and your business, to family and friends and remain loyal customers, as long as they continue to receive an amazing customer experience. Think about a brand or service that you are loyal to, why do you remain loyal to that brand? What do you like about your customer experience with that brand?

In this blog I will outline some ways to delight your customers and keep them coming back wanting more. A happy customer that has a positive experience with your business, will stay around for longer than an unhappy customer.


What does it mean to delight your customers?

If you are familiar with Hubspot, the Flywheel depicts a typical customer journey and experience with your business. There are 3 key stages:

  • Attract – New customers to your business via your marketing strategy and planned marketing tactics. Use Buyer Personas in your business to help you plan each campaign.
  • Engage – New customers via amazing useful, helpful content. You must help customers solve their problems. So you must know what their problems are via research.
  • Delight – Wow your customers into being raving fans for your business.
  • The customer is the positive energy force at the middle of the Flywheel which keeps it spinning.

The Flywheel by Hubspot

So what are some examples of ways to delight customers?

It can start off with being simple things like a gift:

  • Referrals – Providing a gift to a customer if they refer a family member or friend to you, as a way of saying thank you.
  • Christmas – A gift at Christmas time.
  • Birthday – A birthday gift, get to know what your customers like, what are their passions, and your gift will be far more meaningful.
  • New Clients – This gift could be a discount code, or a beautiful gift box.

But you also what to delight them at each stage of their customer experience through a range of methods such as:

  • Welcome – Have a new customer on-boarding process in place, so that each and every customer feels specials and unique. You could email a welcome video outlining what to expect from the service/product you offer.
  • Customer Events – Have customer appreciation events, VIP nights. This could be end of financial year or at Christmas time.
  • Feedback – You could also send out quarterly feedback surveys to gain feedback on how you can continue to improve your service. Typeform is a great tool to use for this.
  • Community Building – If you are a service based business you can build a community where customers/members get to meet up and discuss issues with their business, and work through solutions with the other members. This could be quarterly catch ups, or via a private Facebook group.
  • Exit Interviews – When a customer leaves your business I would also recommend having an exit interview. Do these either face to face or over the phone, your customer will appreciate it. Take the feedback on board to make your business even better.
  • Be helpful – Help your customers solve their problems. Know their problems. Become their trusted advisor.
  • Goals – Help your customers achieve their goals through your business solutions that you offer.
  • Enthusiastic – Be warm, friendly and helpful at every interaction with a customer.

So what I would recommend doing for your business is to sit down and work out which elements you will include in your customer experience. Allocate who will do each activity in your business. And start implementing all of these delight activities so that your business becomes memorable for its amazing customer experience.

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