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5 Tips to help you build a website email opt in list

5 Tips to help you build a website email opt in list Article
How to build your email opt in list on your website

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When you are starting a small business, you probably have a pretty small, if not non-existent email list. So where do you even start to build your email list authentically?

Well you definitely do not buy a third party email list. In this blog post I will share with you 5 tips to help you grow your email list with the right kind of potential clients.

What is an email opt in list?

An email opt in list, is built by offering something of value on your website, in exchange for an email address. Some examples would be a marketing tips newsletter, a video series, or a free template or eBook.

You can promote this content offer via a paid ad on Facebook and Instagram, and a pop up form on your website, and/or a specific page on your website.

1. Know what information your potential client needs to solve their problems

Before you can go and build a content offer and email opt in, you need to understand your ideal client. I recommend that you build a buyer persona for each of your ideal clients, as you may have more than one, which is a fictitious representation of your ideal client.

As part of your buy persona you need to understand:

  • What challenges do they have?
  • Where are they searching for solutions?
  • And what information/content will help them to solve that problem/challenge?
  • What tool/checklist/information can you create to help them solve that problem?

Do your research on Google and Ubersuggest see what content is already available, identify a gap and create your content offer.

2. Creating your content offer/download

Let’s say for example your business offers copywriting.  And you have identified that your ideal client is a small business owner in the health industry. You know that the biggest challenge your potential clients have is producing regular content for their website. So your content offer and download could then be an eBook “How to build a blog and content plan for your physiotherapy clinic.”

You can see that we have addressed:

  • Their challenge – they aren’t producing content consistently
  • Offered a solution – a downloadable eBook that they can use in their clinic.
  • The Opportunity – after reading the eBook they may realise that they actually need to outsource their copywriting , and they decide to use your copywriting business

To design the eBook you can use the free graphic design tool Canva, or you can create it in a word document and convert it into a pdf. Make sure you design the tip sheet or eBook in your brand colours, and tone and voice.

3. Where do you place an email opt-in on your website?

Once you have developed your content offer and download, next you need to decide how you are going to show the email opt in form on your website.  I like to use a Hello Bar pop up on my website, as it’s easy to build and manage. With Hello Bar, you can decide if you want the position of the email opt in to be either:

  • At the top of your website
  • The center of your web page
  • At the side of your web page
  • Or to take over the entire screen

The thing is to test the different formats and see which one gets the most opt-in. The email opt in once designed needs to be linked to your MailChimp email list. This is where all the email addresses will go once they have opted in to receive the free download.

I highly recommend also that you write a blog which summarises or adds to the email opt in, and add the email opt in to the blog. Because then you can create a Facebook/Instagram ad to promote your blog with the email opt in, and this will help you to build your email list for this free tool/ebook that you are giving away.

And by promoting your opt in via paid ads, you will build your email list really quickly.

4. Building your automated email sequence

Once a user has entered their email address to receive your free download, this needs to trigger an automated email sequence in MailChimp which is really straight forward to build. I recommend you build 5 emails in an automated sequence:

Email 1 – The welcome email which has links to your opt in ebook/checklist/tool.

Email 2 – In this second email you can share a bit about  your story, but make it relate-able to your potential clients.

Email 3 – Share a useful blog or video tip that adds to the information in the opt in that you have shared.

Email 4 – This is where you can start to share some case studies and proof of clients that you have helped and how you helped them.

Email 5 – This is your call to action email – what do you want them to do? What do you want them to buy?

I’d suggest sending the 5 emails over a 10 day period. To nurture your lead along their buying journey.


5. Call to action email – offer them something amazing!

The fifth email in your automated email sequence should offer them something of value from your business that will help them to solve their problems. So if we go back to the copywriter in the health business, they might offer:

  • Book a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your copywriting requirements
  • Or it could be to offer a copywriting package for the health professionals for a certain price
  • Or it could be for an online course that you are offering a special price on for a limited time only.

If you know your ideal client you will understand what offer is going to appeal to them in your final email.

Set your goals in Google Analytics

So there you have it five tips to help you build an email opt in list for your website. As always I recommend you set your email opt in as a Goal to track in your Google Analytics page so that you can see how successful your opt in is, and how many downloads you are getting.

You can also track your stats if you use Hello Bar in their dashboard. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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