Generosity and the importance of giving back as a small business owner

Generosity in business should be part of your marketing plan
Generosity and the importance of giving back as a small business owner
Generosity and the importance of giving back as a small business owner Article

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Make an impact

As a small business owner, I feel it’s our duty and obligation to give back to the community and make a real impact. So in this blog post, I will examine how you as a small business owner, can give back, and be generous. And how to identify causes that resonate with you, and your core values.

So what is generosity?

Generosity can be defined as “the quality of being kind and generous.” Generosity is often symbolised by the giving of gifts. And for small business gifts and generosity come in many shapes and sizes such as:

  • Creating employment within the community
  • Being generous with your knowledge and skills
  • Volunteering your time/your staffs time to support a cause
  • Gifting regular donations, from company profits, to a cause

And let’s face it giving back feels good, and your staff will want to get involved too! Now let’s take a look at some social issue stats….

Small business needs to take a stand for social issues

Studies show that 86% of consumer believe that companies should take a stand for social issues and 64% of those who said it’s ‘extremely important’ for a company to take a stand on a social issue said they were ‘very likely’ to purchase a product based on that commitment. 2018 Shelton Group’s ‘Brands & Stands: Social Purpose is the New Black’.

Consumers prefer a socially responsible company

And further studies indicated that 76% of young people said they have purchased (53%) or would consider purchasing (23%) a brand/product to show support for the issues the brand supported. 2018 Survey of Young People and Social Change.

Your brand must align to their values

But perhaps even more importantly — and more costly — 67% have stopped purchasing (40%) or would consider doing so (27%) if the company stood for something or behaved in a way that didn’t align to their values. 2018 Survey of Young People and Social Change.

How to identify a cause to support as a business owner

I think that this really ties back to your core values, and what you, as a business owner stand for and are passionate about. It could be a cause related to something that has impacted family or friends. It could be a global movement.

There are so many options available in Australia alone are approximately 600,000 not for profits. So I recommend you do your research and find a not for profit that resonates with you.

Here are the causes that Vivacity Marketing has passionately supported since we launched….

  1. Opportunity International Australia – Opportunity provide micro-finance loans to women living in poverty, so that they can start a small business to support their family, to break the cycle of poverty. This really spoke to me, being a mother of one myself.
  2. Pieta House, Ireland – Pieta House helps those who are self harming, have attempted suicide or those affected by suicide. They helped and supported a loved one of mine, after a suicide attempt, so it’s a cause very close to my heart.
  3. 12 Buckets – This is a program in schools in Perth, to equip at-risk and disadvantaged school kids, with the skills, support and connections needed to build a strong future. Because every child deserves to flourish.
  4. Sleep Bus – I heard about Sleep Bus on a podcast I was listening too, and knew I had to help.  It’s a bus where homeless people can sleep safely at night. There needs to be more of these around Australia, to help those living on the streets.
  5. Pura Vida – I travelled to Costa Rica in 2005 and fell in love with the country and its people. So when I heard the founder of Pura Vida Bracelets being interviewed on a podcast, I just knew I had to give back to the amazing people, and create employment for the artisans of Costa Rica. And it’s a great way to explain the importance of helping others to my 3 year old daughter, when our bracelets arrive each month in the post.

Our core value = generosity

It feels good to know that each month a percentage of our revenue at Vivacity Marketing, is helping support such a wide range of people and causes. And that makes what I do, even more worthwhile. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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