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Google Reviews: Why they are important for SEO and your business

Google Reviews: Why they are important for SEO and your business Article
The importance of Google reviews for your business and SEO rankings

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Let’s face it as business owners we love glowing Google reviews. There is no bigger compliment that a client can give to you, and it’s great for social proof in your business. In this blog I will share the importance of analysing your Google reviews and the reasons why this is important.

Are you reading your Google Reviews?

Let me ask you this, are you paying close attention to your Google reviews, and what your clients are actually writing in each review?

These reviews can influence your entire brand reputation so it’s extremely important to look for common:

  • Words
  • Phrases

This will help you to evaluate how your customers are speaking about you online.

Google My Business says that:

“Reviews on Google provide valuable information about your business to both you and your customers”.

So if you’re able to see common themes in your reviews, on your Google My Business page, this is absolute gold for your business!

Here’s how reading Google Reviews can help you

Because it’s telling you how you’re solving your customers problems and it’s allowing you to get even clearer on your:

  • Point of difference
  • Your core message

In the eye of your customer, seeing a brand or website with a large quality and quantity of reviews on Google is such an important factor for your marketing strategy.

As this can naturally assist with the following;

  1. Creating a trustworthy brand and business: Having a larger number of reviews in comparison to your competitors can build trust. Especially if the reviews have a consistent pattern to them.
  2. Increasing your click rate: Following on from above, if I was choosing between a brand or a coach to invest my money with, I would naturally want to seek out as many reviews as possible before I make the choice.

A huge percentage of my enquiries in my business come via my Google My Business page, and the potential client reading my reviews. I have over 50 reviews now, so often the ideal client won’t even bother clicking through to my website, they just call me directly from my Google My Business page.

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So how do your reviews actually impact SEO?

Well, Google will basically recognise your ratings and track them based on the quantity of reviews and whether your ratings are consistently high.

This in return, can position your business higher on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

As you may already know, it’s common for people to go straight to Google when they have a problem they need to solve.

However, a large number of users tend to only view the first page of results from their search, around 75%* actually don’t look any further then this! (Source: Hubspot).

So with a reputable number or quality reviews, this will drive your business search rankings resulting in improved organic SEO for your business, meaning increased chances of having your business rank higher on search results.

Heres 4 Tips to getting more Google Reviews

  1. Reach out to past clients sending them a direct link to your Google Reviews page.
  2. Send a direct link to new customers or clients while they are using your product or service.
  3. Make the process as easy as possible to leave a review.

Respond to all of your reviews no matter how good or bad they are. It’s important for viewers and your organic SEO, that you are connecting with your previous customers or clients to show your commitment and care.

I hope this blog has given you an insight as to why Google reviews are important for your brand, business and local SEO. If you need any further help with this, I would love to help you achieve results. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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