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Giving back to women in business Article
The importance of generosity in small business

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You probably know many women in business who decided they wanted to start a business, so off they went and did it. Because you can in Australia. Australia really is the land of opportunities, and I think that people here have a real entrepreneurial spirit. And friends and family are so supportive of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Imagine this…

Now imagine if you were living in a country such as India, in extreme poverty. You are mother with five children. Your husband has left you or has passed on. You have six mouths to feed and no money to feed them. You want more for your family and children. You’d love to be able to provide for them but you have no way to do this. But imagine if there was a way to get a loan to start a business, to help break this cycle of poverty…..

Opportunity International Australia can help

Recently I discovered an amazing not for profit called Opportunity International Australia. I never even knew they existed, and once I heard what they did I just knew it was going to be a way for Vivacity Marketing to give back. Opportunity International Australia,  uses the donations that you give, to help families living in poverty have the tools they need to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities. Your donations help families in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Providing small business loans – microfinance

Microfinance is all about providing people living in poverty in these countries, with a hand up. With a small business loan to start their own business, families can begin to leave poverty behind, and break the cycle of poverty. Their kids will grow up seeing their parent being a business owner, and can strive for the same opportunity. Just $70 could be enough to help them get started, to buy a sewing machine for example. Or a food cart.

Local teams provide support

There are local Opportunity International teams situated in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. And they work in these poor communities. Your support helps to provide the business loans, and then the local team provides training, and mentoring to empower these families to be a successful now and in the future.

A small loan can lead to a big change

Opportunity International Australia works in communities where poverty is rife and these small business loans can lead to big changes in these people’s lives. Opportunity began over 40 years ago when Australian entrepreneur David Bussau gave $50 to a poor farmer in Indonesia. Today, they help families all over the globe, with a hand up. Let’s help these children get an education and break the cycle of poverty.


What can you do to help?

I’ve set up a monthly donation to Opportunity International Australia to hep these women build a business to get them out of poverty, and help send their kids to school.  If you would like to donate simply follow this link: and share it far and wide with your family and friends. Let’s all rally together and help these women and kids live a better life.

I knew I had to help these women provide a better life for their family. I have been blessed and so lucky to be able to set up two businesses in Australia so I want to give back to those less fortunate than me. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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