How to use Loom to embed video into an email

How to use Loom to embed video into your email
How to use Loom to embed video into an email
How to use Loom to embed video into an email Article

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Does it bother you when you want to share a video with a client in your email, but when you use a Vimeo or YouTube link, they have to click out of your email to watch the video? This can be annoying right?

Well if you want to keep your lovely email readers inside your email, and want to share a video with them, Loom is a great solution, because it plays the video inside your email. In this blog post I will share how to get started with Loom.

What is Loom?

Loom is a simple video recording tool, that allows you to record a video direct from your desktop, or you can record your screen for a presentation. Loom is a free Google Chrome plugin which allows you to use your camera, microphone and desktop simultaneously. Pretty handy tool right?


How to install the Loom Google Chrome plugin

  • Open up your Google Chrome browser
  • You can add the extension through the link here.
  • Click the Add to chrome button on the home page where you can simply add it to your browser.
  • You can create your account here too.

How to download Loom from Google Chrome





You will then be prompted to add this Loom extension to your tool bar:

Add Loom to toolbar





How to use Loom to record a video

In the Loom Home screen, you can start by:

  1. Log into your Loom account and click on the “New Video” button OR
  2. Click on the Loom icon in your Google Chrome toolbar, once you’ve added it to your browser.

You will then see 3 different options to record a video:

1. Screen and camera record: this is where you can record yourself and do a tutorial using your screen as well, which is perfect for teaching clients if you have an online course, and you want to be visible on camera while you are presenting your slides.

How to record your screen using Loom







2 . Screen only: For tutorials of just your screen alone, without your image in the corner talking to camera. This option is great for doing tutorials focused on slides and information on your screen, that you want to share with your clients/students.

REcord in Loom screen only






3 . Camera only: For videos you want to record just of yourself. The camera only option is what I would recommend if you’re adding this video to an email.

Record with camera only in Loom





Record your video message

So you will need to select one of the 3 option above to record your video. Once you have selected your preferred method of recording, hit the Start Recording button.

Loom will give you a countdown from 3 and then you are live. If you want to share a presentation I suggest that you import your presentation into Google Slides and click on the Present button to show your slides.

Once you have finished recording you hit the green tick button on your screen, and then you will be taken to  your Loom account where you can edit your video, by removing the start and end of the video for example using the Trim edit function.

How to use the Trim edit function in Loom

You will see an icon to the right of your video in your loom videos screen which looks like a scissors and says Trim:

Trim feature in loom








Once you have clicked on this icon it will bring you to the editing screen. Follow these steps:

Trimming videos in Loom










  • Play the video and identify the seconds where you want to the video to start. So for example you may want to trim from 0.00 seconds to 0.26 seconds.
  • Click the Start Trimming button, and you will see some red lines appear in the screen. So drag the first line to 0.00 seconds and drag the second line to the end of the section that  you want to edit out e.g. 0.26 seconds.
  • In this screenshot above, I am trimming the first 13 seconds of my video, the starting red line is at 0.00 and the finishing red line is 0.13 seconds.
  • You can also use the drop-down arrows at the bottom beside the start and end time, to get the very precise second for trimming your videos.
  • Once you have the area you want to trim, click the Remove button, and your video will play as edited.
  • Then click Publish changes to save.

How to share your video

Loom automatically generates a URL for your video once your video is recorded. This is located on the right hand side of your screen you will see a big blue button that say Copy Link:

How to share a loom video link










This will then copy the link and you can then paste it an email.

How to add your loom video to email

Once you’ve copied the video URL, you can then simply paste this link into your new email using gmail or Outlook for example.

How to add loom videos to your email

When  you paste the video you will see a thumbnail image is automatically created in your email of the video. Then when you send the email out to  your readers, they can watch the video from inside their email.

And there you have it! A simple, easy way to take a video and add it into an email to send a valuable message to your clients or potential customers. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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