How to re-purpose your IGTV videos into other content formats

How to repurpose your IGTV videos
How to re-purpose your IGTV videos into other content formats
How to re-purpose your IGTV videos into other content formats Article

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So you create a fabulous video on Instagram, dripping in value, and then you post it to your IGTV channel (Instagram TV channel). And now what? How can you get more longevity out of this amazing video that you have created?

Well in this blog I will discuss 5 ways you can re-purpose your videos on IGTV, into other content formats.

Every time you create a piece of content, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this piece of content?
  2. Is this piece of content educational and does it add value?

And my recommendation is don’t post if you can’t answer these two questions. If your video that you are planning to post answers these questions then go for your life! After you share a new video on IGTV there are 5 other ways to get eyeballs on this piece of content.


1 . Share your IGTV video with your email list

Share your IGTV video with your email list

In the image above, I shared the IGTV video that I am basing this blog on, in my fortnightly email newsletter, which is called Small Business Marketing Tips. To share your IGTV into your newsletter you will need to first copy the link from the video on your IGTV channel.

So go to either your phone or desktop, head to your IGTV video you want to copy:

Copy link from IGTV video to repurpose video

Click the three dots in the top right hand corner if it’s from desktop, as per the image above. Or if it’s via your phone it will be three dots in the bottom right corner.

Click on the three dots then click Copy Link. This will copy the URL for your video. Then you can use this URL to add a video block to your email newsletter template, in an email platform such as MailChimp.

Which means that your video will then be shared with all of the subscribers on your email list, who may have missed it when you shared it on Instagram via IGTV.


2 . Turn your IGTV video into a blog

Here’s the original IGTV video that I am basing this blog on. By turning the video into a blog it allows you to provide more detail, and expand on each point that you have shared. And you can also give instructions as to how to action each point, that you have given in your original video.

With your blogs, aim to re-search your blog title using a tool such as to find the best keyword to use as your primary keyword within the blog.

This will ensure that your blog is found on Google when people are searching for a similar topic.


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3 . Turn your video into a series of social media posts

Another great way to re-purpose your IGTV video is to turn your video into a series of social media posts. From your blog, you can then turn each point in the blog, into indivual post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or wherever social channels you are using. So 5 social media post ideas from my IGTV video example would be:


  1. How to share your IGTV into your newsletter.
  2. How to create a blog from your video.
  3. Re-purposing videos into social media posts.
  4. Turn your video into an eBook/checklist.
  5. Share your video and blog on Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

When you go to the effort of creating content, always ask yourself what else can I do with this piece of content? Make once piece of content serve several channels. That’s a smart use of your time.


4 . Turn your tips into an eBook

You could offer a free eBook or checklist download of the blog, that you have created from the IGTV video.

This means that you can insert a download option at the end of the blog, and turn the blog into a pdf that is given in exchange for an email address.

Which is a win win, as the user gets a free tip sheet and you get to grow your email list!

Here’s an example of a free download in this blog I wrote about how to get started with Google Shopping Ads.

Example of an eBook download

If you click on the link in the image above you are taken to this landing page where they can download the Google Shopping Ads guide:

Landing page for eBook download


5 . Share your video and blog to Pinterest

Post your IGTV videos onto Pinterest

So the final avenue to share your IGTV video is to Pinterest.

You simply create a pin with a cover image as you normally would and link it to the URL on your IGTV video.

In the example shown above, the pin is linked to a video on IGTV. And then if you have also written a blog expanding on the ideas in the video, you can also create a pin to link to the blog you have written. So the one video has created 2 pins.

If you are not already using Pinterest it’s time to start.

It’s a great way to share your content and drive traffic back to your website. This means more eyeballs on your beautiful content!

So there you have it 5 ways to re-purpose your IGTV videos! — Helping you build a vibrant business

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