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How this Accountant tripled their business leads Article
Marketing an accountancy firm

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Marketing an Accountancy and Business Consulting business

The Vivacity Marketing Coaching service is designed to equip small business owners with the tools and knowledge to do their own marketing.

I know the biggest cause of concern for small business owners is “how can I get more clients and leads for my business?”. In this blog post I will outline how I helped the Accountant and Business Consultant, Opportuna Business consulting increase website traffic and triple their business leads.

Who are Opportuna Business Consulting?

Sinead Glennon is the Founder of Opportuna Business Consulting. She is an Accountant and a Business Consultant based in Rossmoyne in Perth, with extensive experience and awards, and she helps business owners grow their business by building a process to achieve better:

  • Sales results
  • And reach their financial goals.

When Sinead met with me, Opportuna was working with a variety of businesses in numerous industries. However Sinead spoke to me about her keen interest to work more with the:

  • Not-for-Profit
  • and Charity sector.

She wanted to develop this as her niche, and really understand the buying journey for this type of client.

Business challenges

Being new to Perth, Sinead wasn’t sure where to begin with this task of developing this niche for her business. She knew she needed some help with her marketing, and building her marketing communication to attract these types of clients. Sinead is an Accountant so marketing wasn’t something that she had much experience with.

Sinead was familiar with the concept of Inbound Marketing, and she had started to work on it herself, but she felt she wasn’t having any impact, trying to do it herself. She knew she needed the help of a marketing mentor, to grow her business.

Why did you choose Vivacity Marketing as your Marketing Coach?

I chose Vanessa because I had attended one of her marketing workshop when I arrived in Perth. So I was familiar with her step by step approach to Inbound marketing. And I was confident that she would be able to put me on the right path. An important factor for me was that I didn’t want to outsource this task. My preference was to find someone who could equip me with the relevant tools and confidence to do it myself. Sinead Glennon Founder of Opportuna Business Consulting. 

The key areas we worked on together in our coaching sessions

During our initial meeting, Sinead outlined her current position and where she wanted to get to with her Accounting and Business Consulting business. So we started by building a Marketing Strategy  for Opportuna Business Consulting.

Starting with creating a Marketing Strategy was great as it enabled me to focus on what I was trying to achieve. And I got clarity on my mission, my point of difference, ideal client and my service offering. Vanessa has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of Inbound marketing and uses a variety of tools and examples to help you. Sinead Glennon Founder of Opportuna Business Consulting. 

Once we had built the Marketing Strategy, we were then able to build an Inbound Marketing plan for the business which helps to attract clients by providing helpful, and useful information at each step of the buyers journey.

Increased number of website visitors and enquiries

Sinead and I worked together over a 5 month period, and Opportuna Business Consulting has achieved the following results, but putting into practice what she had learnt from our marketing coaching sessions:

  • 5 times more website visitors
  • 3 times more enquiries
  • Opportuna is attracting their ideal client in the Not-for-Profit and Charity sectors.

The visits and enquiries are more relevant than before as they are coming from people who have read my content and already know what I offer before they make contact. I have seen the value of putting a clear marketing strategy in place for inbound marketing, and how it is possible to attract the clients you really want to work with. Sinead Glennon Founder of Opportuna Business Consulting. 



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