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This Physio grew revenue by 57% with marketing coaching

This Physio grew revenue by 57% with marketing coaching Article
Marketing for a physio

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Marketing a physio business

For many healthcare professionals that I work with, a large part of their business is built on word of mouth referrals.

However to build a thriving physio business, it’s important to generate leads from other marketing channels too. In this client success story I share how I did just that with Fit Right Physio

About FitRight Physio

Taryn Watson is a Women’s Health Physio, and she own a business called FitRight Physio.

She was disheartened by the number of women she met in her line of work, who were trying to do the right thing by getting fit and active, but were inadvertently causing or worsening pelvic floor related issues. So FitRight Physio was created.

Through FitRight, Taryn provides training and admin support for almost 30 physios, provides Pilates style exercise and aqua classes, and organises educational workshops for health and fitness professionals.

Marketing challenges

“I was absolutely winging it with all things marketing before I worked with Vivacity Marketing. I had never had any guidance from a professional and although I knew that most of FitRight’s referrals came from social media, I didn’t know this in a meaningful or measurable way.”  Taryn Watson, Owner FitRight Physio

Taryn had really only dabbled in marketing prior to work with Vivacity Marketing. She was boosting posts on Facebook but she had never really done any work on her website or SEO. She just didn’t really know what she could be doing to reach new clients outside of Facebook Ads and Email Marketing.

Business challenges

When Taryn approached me, there was definitely a lack of automation across the business with all processes.

Taryn and the two business managers were still organising class bookings on Excel spreadsheets. They weren’t even using an online booking system yet. So many hours were being spent in these manual processes.

Our marketing approach to marketing a physio

1. Start with a Marketing Strategy & Plan

It was evident after meeting with Taryn that the only starting point for her business was to create a marketing strategy and plan, including market research of ten of her clients. This would help us to plan the best strategy to help her grow her business.

2. Build a New Website

Taryns old website was difficult to navigate, poorly laid out and didn’t really have a great user experience. So the next marketing activity that we undertook was to build a new website for her, which is fully integrated with MindBody the online booking system for all of her classes.

3. Marketing Coaching to implement the plan

Once the marketing strategy and plan was completed, I then did Marketing Coaching with Taryn once a month to guide her on how to implement her marketing plan, automate her processes and help her to launch some new programs that she was working on. 

The benefits of marketing coaching

“It’s really the accountability that it’s given me. Vanessa sends me a summary after each meeting of my ‘to do list’, and this forces me to prioritise the ‘big picture’ tasks rather than continuing to let day to day processes take over.” Taryn Watson, Owner FitRight Physio

The results – 57% increase in revenue within 1 year

  1. An automated booking system for all classes and workshops, which has significantly decreased the amount of administrative time spent on this aspect of the business.
  2. A brand new website that looks professional and links easily with the booking systems.
  3. The launch of two new branches of the company – FitRight Aqua and FitRight Woman – with their own directors and revenue streams.
  4. An increase in exercise class revenue of 57% from the beginning to the end of 2018.

What excites you most now about your business?

“The best thing about these changes is the amount of time it frees up for me as the business owner to work ON the business, not IN the business.

Because of the time that I have freed up for myself, in 2019 I am launching a paid membership group for FitRight which has the potential to significantly increase my revenue without a huge amount more outlay of time or money.

And for the first time since I started the business, I finally don’t feel overwhelmed all the time! I have control back in my business life and I can much more clearly see where I am headed and what I need to do to get there.” Taryn Watson, Owner FitRight Physio

If you are willing to invest the time, money and effort into marketing a healthcare practice, the results will follow. Get in touch today to have a chat to see if we can help you too grow your business. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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