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Smart creative Marketing Tips that totally work, direct to your inbox..
3 online marketing tips to grow your business Article
3 online marketing tips to grow your business

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Growing your small business can be hard initially, especially when most small business owners are a one-man band. In this blog, I’ve will share 3 online marketing tips, to grow your small business.

And what’s even better there is no marketing spend required for each of these marketing tips.


1. SEO & Blogging on your website

 My first tip for growing any small business starts with getting found on Google. Did you know that Google is the number 1 driver of customer enquiries in my business? I’ve worked hard on my SEO for the past 4 years and now I am reaping the benefits so don’t underestimate the power of Google!

The 4 components of SEO

  1. Keyword research – It starts by researching and understanding what search terms your potential clients are using while searching. You can use Ubersuggest to help you research your keywords and also Google Autosuggest. Compile a list of about 20 keywords to start off with to use throughout your websites main pages and your blogs.
  2. Technical SEO – This is where you will need to:
    1. Install the Google Analytics tracking code on your website.
    2. Add the Yoast plugin to your WordPress website.
    3. Verify your website in Google Search Console.
    4. Check your website speed is optimised for Google.
    5. And ensure that your website is mobile friendly and optimised for mobile viewing and page loading.
  3. On page SEO – These are the actions that you can take within your website in order to improve its position in the Google search rankings. Examples of this include add a focus keyword to each page, using this keyword in the page title, in the body of the copy, in the meta description and in the title and alt text in images on the page.
  4. Off page SEO – This refers to all the SEO activities that take place outside of your website. Link building is the main activity for off-page SEO. But there are other things you can do off your website to rank higher such as guest blogging, PR and social media marketing.


After you have done your keyword research, technical SEO and on page SEO for the primary pages of your website (from the list above) it’s now time to start blogging. Why? Well blogs provide you with another opportunity to rank for this page on Google.


Online marketing - blogging

Blogging is what helps you increase your organic traffic on Google. But of course, you don’t want to be blogging about anything, you have to make sure they are relevant to your business with good use of your specific keywords and of course, optimised to better increase traffic.

Here’s how you can use Ubersuggest to research your blog topic keywords.

How to optimise your blog

First, create a strong keyword list and pick a blog topic that allows you to incorporate your relevant keywords, naturally in the blog.

Ensure your focus keyword is included in the:

  • Blog title
  • URL
  • Image Alt text
  • Image Title/name
  • Tags
  • Header image title and tags
  • Meta description

Ensuring your keywords are included in these areas will better optimise your blog and increase your organic search ranking on Google.

Do you want to learn more about SEO? Then check out Marketing School!

When you are first starting out in business, I’d suggest that you aim for 2 blogs per month. And make sure you are sharing your blog content across Google My Business, social media channels, your email newsletter and you can also guest blog on sites such as Medium.


2. Video content on your website and YouTube channel

Vivacity Marketing on YouTube

Video content is seriously a must have in your small business. Especially now that social media platforms are prioritising video content in the newsfeed.

If you want to improve the quality of your website and the dwell time (how long a user spends on your website), then video content will help you to:

  • Increases your dwell time which Google loves, as it’s one of their key ranking factors.
  • Allows you to better share your business story.
  • Build trust and credibility with your audience.
  • Convenient for visitors to watch videos e.g., customer testimonials.

Additionally, if you have an optimised YouTube channel which includes all of this video content linked to your website, there is an opportunity for an even further increase in appearing in Google’s video search results since Google owns YouTube.

With your YouTube videos, it’s important to do your keyword research too in YouTube to see what exactly users are searching for. This will help guide you as to a video title and description before you upload the videos.

You can then house your YouTube Channel videos on your website like I have done here on the Vivacity Marketing Website.


3. Use your Google My Business page to rank for local SEO

Online marketing - Google My Business local SEO

Whether people are searching for your business directly or indirectly, you can increase reach and grow by being active in Google My Business. This is your free listing from Google which is linked to your map listing on Google.

“Google My Business gives you the power to attract and engage customers when they search for your business on Google. ” GOOGLE

When you continuously keep Google My Business active and up to date, you are building more trust and reliability for your customers to see and you’re also again increasing your chances of ranking higher on Google searches with those specific and relevant keywords.

To get your Google My Business page firing here’s some tips:

  • Make sure you complete all sections of the Information section and include your keywords here in the description and service sections. Include your opening hours and contact information. And choose the category that best suits your business.
  • Post regular photos each week to your GMB page (events, team photos, behind the senses, product/service).
  • Share your blogs to this page using keywords in the description.
  • Share events and promos in your business.
  • Share company updates or new product releases.
  • Share PR and guest blogs you may have written.
  • Request Google Reviews from your clients on GMB too.


Treat your Google my Business page like a social media channel and as such share posts and photos to this channel each week.

So, there you have it 3 online marketing tips to help you grow your small business.Thanks for reading and I hope that these tips help you to grow your small business. — Helping you build a vibrant business


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