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Here’s why you need Pinterest for your small business

How to use Pinterest in your small business
Here’s why you need Pinterest for your small business
Here’s why you need Pinterest for your small business Article

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You may know Pinterest as the platform you go to for visual inspiration for things like; makeup, cooking, fashion, DIY and home décor. It’s a great place to search for things that you are interested in, and to find free tools and tips.

I actually used Pinterest to plan my whole wedding, as I got married in Bali and I had a wedding planner in Bali. So I was able to share pins and boards with her, to help us plan the look and feel of the entire wedding. It made my wedding planning really easy.

Now I know a lot of you may be using Pinterest personally but not yet for your business.

But if you haven’t started using Pinterest for marketing your business, it’s time to jump on board! In this blog post, I will share how Pinterest is a fantastic social media platform to use, to drive traffic to your website and content. And ultimately generate sales in  your business.

How to use pinterest for your business

How does Pinterest work?

To put it simply, Pinterest is a visual search engine, which is so useful for finding literally anything you want. It is a great tool if you are specifically trying to find something or solve a problem.

Pinterest will categorise the user’s particular topics of interest, which is another reason why it is so great for marketing your brand and targeting your niche. It’s driven by keywords, just like Google, so you can be really targeted with naming your boards and pins.

On Pinterest, users can follow other accounts, brands, businesses’ or even just a specific ‘board’ of interest. Boards are what each account is made up of, and best used to create different categories that shape your brand or business.

So, the main goal of using Pinterest is to connect users through things they may find interesting, based on the keywords they are using to search.

If you need fashion inspiration you could search something like “orange blazer and jeans” if you want to get style inspiration or actually find an outfit to buy.

Now let’s delver into how you can start using this social media platform.


Getting started with Pinterest in your business

1. Keyword Research

The starting point is to do your keyword research. What are people actually searching for? Head to the search bar and enter the keyword you think that they may be searching for, and in the drop down menu underneath it, you will see all of the things that they are searching for.

You can select any one of these options and then either select Pins or Boards, on the right hand side of the search box as shown below.

Keyword research on Pinterest


If you select to search boards, you can then see how many boards use that specific keyword and if you need to niche down a little further.

So going back to the makeup example instead of naming a board “eye makeup” you could name it “eye makeup tips for blue eyes”. That way you are far more targeted and your board is more likely to be found, which is ultimately what you want.


2. Boards

Pinterest boards

With your Pinterest business account, you can create categorised boards, as you can see in the image above.

When creating your Pinterest boards, keep in mind your personal or business’ brand and aim to build content around what you’re selling, your products and services.

For example, if you’re an online health coach, you may want a board with healthy food inspiration, workout motivation, tips for working out as a beginner, quotes and so on.

Or if you are a makeup brand or makeup artist, you could create boards around bold lips, smokey eyes, eyeshadow for blue eyes or green eyes.

The point is to create content around your product or service is, order to raise awareness to more potential customers and categorise this content for users to be able to search through one board.

Pro Tip: Try starting out with 5 boards once you’ve created an account. 


3. Pins

Pinterest Pin

After creating a board, this is where you add ‘pins’ to your boards. Pins are essentially your posts on Pinterest which should be eye catching and engaging. Your title on the pin needs to draw the browser in, and make them want to click and find out more. So the headline and image need to be catchy.

Here’s how to create a Pinterest Pin: 

  1. Cover: Design a cover image for the pin, and you can use a free design tool such as , which has lot’s of Pinterest cover image templates to choose from to get you started.
  2. Title & Description: Next you need to write your pin title and description, using your targeted keywords. So you will need to do your keyword research in the search bar to find out what people are searching for, and niche down and be really specific. Then use those keywords in your pin title and description.
  3. URL: Then add the URL of the website page you want to drive traffic to.


You can pin as many times as you like with valuable content to add to your boards and the best part is, when users click on your pin and want to know more, you can link it straight through to your website.

An example would be, if you have a free planning template you want to share. You can create an attractive pin labelled as ‘Free marketing planning template’, then link the pin to your website where they can make the download.

This is a great way to create exposure to your website where users can find out more about what you offer!

Another thing I love about creating pins is, you can also create pins based on your posts on other social media platforms.

For example, if you have posted a home workout video, why not create a pin labelled as “15-minute home workout” and link it straight to your Instagram post. Using Pinterest could give your content a much higher chance of going viral, so take advantage.


4. Re-Pinning

The majority of pins on this social media platform are actually re-pins. Meaning other users that are browsing on Pinterest, may come across your content and re-pin it. This could happen again and again which keeps your pin on more newsfeeds and gives it the opportunity to reach far and wide with your content.


Let’s recap – here’s why you need to start using Pinterest for your business…

  • This platform creates brand awareness for your business
  • It drives traffic to your website, over and over again
  • The average pin has a lifespan of 2 years
  • It’s a fun way to promote and share your content
  • You can build relationships
  • And you can position yourself as an expert in your industry if you’re posting valuable content
  • And gain trust from potential new customers.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you need to jump on board to marketing your business through Pinterest. You can create an endless amount of opportunity to show up be creative with your marketing.

Stay tuned for our next blog which will go into some more specific tips for growing your Pinterest account. — Helping you build a vibrant business

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