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How to use Splice to create Reels for Instagram

How to use Splice to create Reels for Instagram Article
How to use Splice to create a video for Instagram Reels

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Recently, I shared a blog all about creating your first Instagram Reel.

Since so many of you loved that blog, I thought I would now show you how to create an easy, professional looking video, that you can upload to Instagram Reels or Tiktok using an app called Splice.

There’s a great amount of edits on this app, so in this blog, I’m going to take you through some of the steps to help you create a great video.

Splice is a powerful yet simple video editing tool, perfect for anyone to use on their mobile device or tablet. This editing app gives you the ability to create a professional, fun looking video without spending hours trying on your computer. So let’s get started…..

1 . Download Splice app and set up your project

Download and sign into the app, then click “New Project”.

New project in Splice

Select all of the clips you want to include in your video (You can also add more videos in the next step if you forget one), then click next.

Name your project and choose the appropriate aspect ratio depending on where the video is being posted and click next when you’re done.

Name your project in Splice

Once you’ve added all of the media you want in your video, you can start doing some edits.

2 . Trimming your clips

Firstly, by clicking one of the clips you’ve uploaded in the media bar, you can drag your finger along either end of a clip to trim. 

Trimming your clips in Splice

Another popular edit is the “split’ edit, which allows you to split one clip into two or more. This is perfect if you want to trim the middle of a video or add clips in between one video.

3 . Adding a transition in  your video 

One of my favourite parts of this editing app, is how easy it is to create a professional looking transition between clips.

Simply click on one of the squares between clips and you’ll see a great option of transitions you can add in between.

Adding video transitions

4 . Video adjustments

When you trim on an individual clip, you will see options to edit such as adjusting the sound and speed of that clip.

You can also apply a filter to that clip and if you decide you would like the filter on all clips within your video project, simply click the bottom right button and apply the filter to all videos.



5 . How to add text to your video

 Click the ‘Text’ button on the bottom right of the screen and double tap to edit the text you want to appear on your video.

Drag the text box to change the position and use the media bar to set where you want your text to start and finish.

You can also change the colour, font and add a background for your text.



If you decide not to have text, just click the added text on the media bar and press the little trash button.


5 . Adding effects to your video 

You can choose from a range of effects for your video.

Once you click on an effect, you can drag it along your media bar, depending how long you want it to show for.


Again, if you decide you add the wrong effect or decide you don’t want an effect on your video, you simply click on the effect on the bar below, then click the little trash image to remove it.

6 . How to add Music 

Splice allows you to choose from a range of songs on their app to add to your video. You can also import a song through a file or through iTunes.

Alternatively, you can just add music when you go to upload your video on Instagram or Tiktok.


7 . Add a title page to your video 

By using the title effect, splice automatically adds a space in front of the clip you’re on to add a title page before your media plays.

You can adjust the length of your title page using your media bar.


8. Adding images to your video 

You may also like to add a still image on your clip. To do so, simply click the ‘media’ button, and add an image you want in your video.

Adjust your image to fit and use any of the editing options if necessary.


9 . Add a voice over to your video  

On Splice, you can also record a voice over for your video. Simply move your media bar to wherever you’d like to start recording your voiceover, click the microphone button and begin recording.


Once you’re done creating a masterpiece of a video, you can save by  clicking the top right button, choosing the resolution and clicking ‘save’.

And you’re done!

Give Splice a go the next time you want to easily create a fun and professional looking video.
They do a 7 day free trial so you can give it a go before subscribing to their small weekly fee.

Let me know how you go and tag me in your video creations @vivacitymarketing. 

Happy Splicing! — Helping you build a vibrant business

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