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Use Ubersuggest to help you rank better on Google

Use Ubersuggest to help you rank better on Google Article
SEO tools to help you rank better

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If you’re currently trying to work out how to get more traffic to your website, Ubersuggest is a brilliant SEO tool, will show you how to dominate the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool which specialises in generating new keyword ideas. This highly useful and amazing tool was specialised by the social media guru Neil Patel. If you are not already following Neil Patel on social media, do  yourself a favour and follow him, as she shares some fantastic video tips about SEO. 

In this blog, I’ll to be talking all about how to use Ubersuggest for researching keyword overviews, keyword ideas and content ideas. Then I will share how to set up Ubersuggest Projects and what information you can track by using this resource.

Keyword Tool 

Keyword Tool


The Ubersuggest keyword tool will firstly give you a keyword overview, which is very helpful information. As you will see below, typing in any keyword will provide you an overview of;

  • Search volume: The amount of times that word is searched per month.
  • SEO difficulty: The estimated competition in organic search.
  • Paid difficulty (PD): The estimated competition in paid search.
  • Cost per click (CPC): The average CPC, if you were going to run Google ads.
  • You will also be able to see the amount of people who click on search results and the age range for people searching that keyword. 

TIP –  Type in many different keywords into the search box to get a feel for how this data can be different. 

After you have typed in your keywords into the search box, you will also be given a list of associated keyword ideas.  

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Content Ideas 

Content Ideas


The next section of Ubsuggest underneath the keyword tool, is the content ideal tool. Here you will get a list of content ideas based on the topic of your researched keyword, providing content ideas that drives more traffic, backlinks, and social media shares. So it will give you an idea of blog topics you could write. 

Traffic analyzer

Traffic Analyser

The traffic analyzer tool allows you to copy and paste your URL into the search box and you will be shown the following information:

  • Organic keywords – the number  keywords your website ranks for organically.
  • Organic monthly traffic – the total estimated traffic your domain get monthly.
  • Domain score – this is a score from 0 – 100 based on a number of factors that Google gives your site. The higher the number the more domain authority.
  • Backlinks – How many inbound links your website has.

You can click into each one of these headings to find out more information and dig deeper. So take your time to look around and assess the current performance of your website.

Keyword Project

For this tool called Projects, you will need to login to your gmail account in the top right hand corner. Once you are logged in you will be prompted to add your first Project, enter your web address and hit next. 

Create Keyword Project

Once you have hit the next button, you then need to select which country applies to your website. 

Choose your location

Add your keywords that you want to track – You can then add keywords to your project that you want to track as in the example below which relates to marketing services. You can also track your Rank Tracking Frequency and Mobile Rank Tracking. 

Keywords to track

The last setup option for Ubersuggest projects is from the paid subscription being SEO Training. Try setting up an Ubersuggest project as shown first, you can always consider the amazing options the subscription has to offer at a later date, starting from just $29AUD per month! And you can also try it out with a 7 day free trial. 

Once you’ve created your first free Ubersuggest project, here are the following benefits that can be tracked with it:

Website Audit: Within 10 to 15 minutes, Ubersuggest projects will conduct a website audit on the URL added to the project. A website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affect websites visibility in search engines. The benefits of a website audit can determine whether or not it’s optimised to increase website traffic and how you can improve it to increase this traffic.

Ubersuggest projects will analyse and provide the following for your website audit;

  • Health check
  • Critical errors
  • Warnings
  • Recommendations
  • Site speed for desktop and mobile
  • Top SEO Issues

The website audit will also breakdown your;

On-page SEO score: Meaning your overall SEO score for all pages scanned in the site audit.

Organic monthly traffic: Which is the total estimated traffic the domain in your project gets, considering the organic keywords.

Organic keywords: Which is the number of Keywords your domain ranks for in the organic search.

Backlinks: Showing how many other domains include hyperlinks that direct to your domain.

Tracked keywords: This is necessary if you want to know where your website stands on mobile and local results.

Ubersuggest position tracking will show;

  • Average position: The average position your keywords have been ranking overtime.
  • Ranking distribution: The number of keywords your website ranks for and the position.
  • Visibility trend: Takes into account your rankings and the search volume that each of your keywords gets per month.

Backlinks and referring domains: Ubersuggest backlinks will show you many other websites include hyperlinks that connect to your project domain. Ubersuggest projects will analyse the following;

  • List of all the backlinks tracked from other websites
  • Backlinks over time
  • New and lost backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Domain score
  • Organic Monthly traffic

So as you can see, Ubersuggest projects is a very helpful tool for tracking important information about your website and how you can make improvements to things like your organic search rankings.

Try it out for yourself today and I’d love to hear how your improve your search engine rankings! — Helping you build a vibrant business

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