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How to add captions to your videos using Rev and Kapwing

How to add captions to your videos using Rev and Kapwing Article
How to add subtitles to your videos using Kapwing

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You may have noticed that I am a huge fan of  video marketing, and it’s a key component of my marketing plan and content marketing plan.

With more and more people now watching videos with the sound off, video captions are a must on all of your videos.

So in this blog I will share with you how to use the free tool Kapwing to add captions to your videos, with a Rev captions file.


Why is video marketing important?

Video marketing can really help build trust and help you start to form genuine relationships with your potential customers and customers.

Videos are also a great addition to your website, and will increase the dwell time on your website which Google loves. Which is why Video Marketing is one of the topics I cover in Marketing School.

And videos are a great way to explain topics to your viewers in an engaging and visual way.

If you are already uploading videos for your business, well done! That’s a great start. In terms of achieving that higher level of engagement, you may now want to consider the option of adding subtitles to your videos.

Did you know that viewers are more likely to watch your video for a longer period of time when it includes captions compared to when your video doesn’t include them?

So let’s get started.


Create your caption file using Rev

Today I’m going to show you the easy steps I use to add captions to my videos using Kapwing and with the help of

Rev is a service where you can upload your video, select that you want the caption file which is a .srt file which can be uploaded into Kapwing.

You will normally pay about $1 per minute for the captions. Once the video caption file is ready Rev will email it to you and the email will look like this:

Rev caption file

You can go in and check the file for accuracy and make any changes you need to then download and save the file. This is the .srt file that you will need to upload to Kapwing and add it to your video.


How to use Kapwing to add video captions

Once you sign up for a free Kapwing account, you will then be taken to the below homescreen, where you will be able to upload your videos.

Click ‘New Content’ and then upload your video. It may just take a few minutes to upload depending on the size of your video.

Kapwing Account


You will then see the below page where your video will appear with all of the available edits Kapwing has to offer, once the video has uploaded successfully.

Kapwing Subtitles


To add your captions to the vide0 using the file you’ve downloaded from Rev, click the Subtitles button in the top navigation bar:

Add Subtitles using Kapwing

The subtitles function will bring you into a separate editing screen all for adding the captions to your video.

To upload your ready made transcript, click ‘Upload SRT’ and upload the document you were given from Rev which would have been downloaded as a .srt file.

Kapwing Subtitles using Rev


You will then see in the below snapshot, all of the individual time blocks with the added captions as you scroll down. In case of any mistakes in the transcript, you can also easily edit this by simply clicking the  time block and making the necessary adjustments.

If the time block is slightly off timing from the actual video, you could also manually edit this either with the time bar or by manually changing the seconds on the time block.

On the bottom right of the individual subtitle/caption blocks, you will also see the option to duplicate or completely remove a block if necessary (this may come in handy if you want to completely edit and cut out a sentence).

Timeblocks in Kapwing


As you will see above on the right hand side navigation you also have the option of changing the individual font colours and sizes for your captions, so have a play around and see which ones you like best.

Once you have watched through your video with the new captions addition, press the big red ‘Done’ button to return to the original editing page.

If you also want to see your captions on the actual video, rather than on a background colour, simply click the circled remove padding button and you will see your subtitles appear on your actual video, which is the look I personally like to go for.

subtitles on a video


After making any final adjustments, you’re ready to now save and download this video to use on social media and upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

All you have to do is click ‘Export Video’ in the top right hand corner of the screen, and export as MP4 file.

Export your video with subtitles


You can download your video to your device or share it straight to your socials with the below options to export.

Export video so social media


So there you have it. A few simple steps to add captions to your videos using Rev and Kapwing.

Repurpose your caption files

Also the file that you have received from Rev can also be turned into a blog as it’s the transcript of the video so don’t forget to repurpose that file into a blog post or series of social media posts.

I’d love to know how you go with using these tools. So let me know! — Helping you build a vibrant business

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