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Meet Vanessa & Vivacity Marketing… Article
Vanessa Geraghty - Marketing Consultant and Marketing Coach

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Thanks for visiting the Vivacity Marketing website. I’m Vanessa Geraghty, Founder of Vivacity Marketing. I’m a marketing strategist and digital marketing consultant.  Vivacity Marketing launched in July 2017.

How my marketing career started

I am originally from Malahide in Dublin, Ireland, and I fell in love with Australia when I backpacked here for a year in the late 1990’s. When I moved back to Ireland in 1999, I interviewed for a temp job at a Dublin based online business, TopJobs on the Net.

The Marketing Manager who was interviewing me for an admin role, instead offered me a job as a Marketing Executive, even though I had no marketing experience or qualifications (as I had a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and Postgraduate Diploma in Communications).

I said yes to this amazing opportunity and studied a Marketing Degree by night for the next three years, while learning the skills on the job as a Marketing Executive.

A quick jump into the advertising world

With the dot com boom came the dot com bust just as quickly, so I left TopJobs on the Net to work in advertising for two years in early 2000’s. I worked as a Media Planner and Buyer on the Diageo and Ferrero accounts at Initiative Media in Dublin, on brands such as Budweiser, Carlsberg, Smirnoff, Smirnoff Ice, Baileys, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno.

5 years in New Zealand

Once I completed my Marketing Degree in Ireland in 2003, I packed my bags and headed off to New Zealand for nearly five years, as I wanted to gain my citizenship there, so that I could return to Australia to fulfill my dream to live here, with a New Zealand passport.

Trained by the best in the marketing industry..

BP Oil

When I arrived in Auckland in my late 20’s there were lot’s of marketing roles available, so I quickly got a job as a Marketing Analyst for BP Oil. I worked on the Castrol side of the business, helping them build and launch the new New Zealand website. And then on the Wild Bean side of the business, on a consumer research campaign to discover how the sites were being shopped and identify opportunities for impulse purchases in store.


Next I entered the world of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and started working at Nestle as a Senior Assistant Brand Manager for the next year and a half. It was fast paced and I developed some serious project management skills as I was juggling up to 14 projects at any one time!


And then came my big break, I managed to get my dream job at Coca-Cola as Senior Assistant Brand Manager for Coke and Coke Zero and then within three months I was promoted to Brand Manager. I worked initially on Powerade, Kiwi Blue Water, Schweppes and then was promoted to Brand Manager on Diet Coke and Coke. I received the best training in my marketing career at Coca-Cola and I worked with the most remarkable talent in the industry, which I am eternally grateful for.


In 2008, I moved back home to Ireland for a year, after securing my New Zealand citizenship and passport. Growing up in Dublin the Cadbury chocolate factory is a short drive from my home town of Malahide. A dream of mine as a child was to get a job working at Cadbury. Imagine all the free chocolate I would get! So what did I do? I secured a job as Senior Brand Manager at Cadbury for the year I was at home after New Zealand.

What does a marketing consultant in Perth do?

My move to Australia

After a year back home in Ireland, I then moved to Australia in April 2009. Despite my dazzling resume and global marketing experience I could not get a marketing job in Perth, as I didn’t have any marketing experience in Perth.

Four years working in sales roles

So I had to bite the bullet and I jumped into sales roles for the next four years in Perth:

  • Independent Distillers Australia – I worked for 6 months as a relief alcohol sales rep travelling all over Perth.
  • Western Force Rugby Team – I then worked as the Account Manager for the Partnerships team managing up to 15 sponsors, and doing sponsor negotiations and handling contract fulfillment. While I was at the Western Force I studied a part time Personal Training course and qualified in 2010 and launched my part time business and passion project a personal training business which I ran until June 2018.
  • GE Finance – And my final role in sales was in retail finance, working with the franchise accounts training their staff on how to use the GE system and how to position finance to sell more products in store. I worked stores such as Apple, Harvey Norman, Mazzucchellis, and Freedom furniture.

Marketing in the finance industry

Then in 2013, I secured my first marketing job in Perth, as Franchise Marketing Manager for WA/SA/VIC for Mortgage Choice, where I worked as the Marketing Consultant to the 180+ franchisees across the three states.

I helped them set up their website, social media, build their marketing plan when they purchased a franchise. I worked there for about a year and a half, then in 2015 I had a baby at aged 40.

My passions of marketing & health collide

I returned to work in 2016 after a years maternity leave and I got a job as WA Marketing Manager for the Australian Institute of Fitness, which is where I had studied to become a personal trainer. So I was thrilled as my two passions were finally coming together!

I was made redundant just before Christmas in 2016, as they let go of all of their contract staff, so I ramped up my personal training business all summer. Then I was introduced to a lady Kate, who was running a Marketing Consultancy business, and I started doing some part time marketing consulting work for her.

A massive business opportunity

Within eight weeks of working for her, she decided to pursue a career else where and asked me if I’d like to take over the business. What an amazing opportunity so of course I said yes!

And so I re-branded, re-positioned the business, and Vivacity Marketing was born in July 2017. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am determined to share my wealth of knowledge with small business owners, and help them succeed in building their dream business.

Intensive SEO Service Perth

My unique approach

With my marketing, sales, training and advertising experience, it allows me to approach my clients businesses with a very unique view. I look at the overall business picture first, then at the sales processes and marketing strategy and plan.

This enables me to identify challenges and also key opportunities to improve efficiency, increase revenue and attract more loyal repeat customers.

I am also partners with a wholesale digital agency called Hubdo, and they are able to deliver cost effective digital marketing solutions for our clients, so that you don’t need to pay exorbitant prices for outsourcing your digital marketing.

I want to make it affordable to work with me, which is why I offer 4 key tiers of service:

1. Marketing Strategy – If you are attracting the wrong types of customers to your business or you don’t have enough clients, you may need a robust marketing strategy and plan for your business. This is my area of specialty as I will always build a marketing strategy before approaching any set of marketing tactics for a business.

2. Digital Marketing & Web Design –   Once we have built a marketing strategy and plan for your business, you can outsource a range of digital marketing services to us such as Google Ads,  LinkedIn Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, and SEO.

3. Web Design – We can build you a customer-centric, high converting website. And we can also build landing pages for your paid digital campaigns. We can also assist with copywriting, graphic design and photography with our partners in the industry.

4. Marketing School – This is my 8 week online marketing course,  which is a really affordable way of being coached by me, to effectively market and grow your business. And for the students who  have been through Marketing School, they can then do some 1 on 1 coaching with me.

I specialise in working with the following types of clients:

  • professional services
  • e-Commerce
  • health
  • and beauty.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You can contact me at: 

Ph: 04040 838 813

Socials: @vivacitymarketing

LinkedIn: — Helping you build a vibrant business

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