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How a wellness business increased revenue by 30% Article
Marketing a wellness business

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Marketing a Mindset Coaching and Kinesiology business

I first met Rachel Dhanjal at a breakfast networking event that we both attended. I was instantly draw to her as she has a beautiful personality, a calming aura and I was fascinated to find out more about what she did. I had heard of Kinesiology but I wasn’t really sure what it was.

In this blog, I will illustrate how Vivacity Marketing has helped Rachel Dhanjal’s wellness business, to increase her monthly revenue by 30%, through the Vivacity Marketing Coaching service. When Rachel first approached me she was feeling a bit stuck and not sure where to turn to grow her Mindset Coaching and Kinesiology business.

Meet Rachel Dhanjal – Helping stressed out women!

Rachel Dhanjal is based in Nedlands in Perth, and helps high achieving, perfectionist, crowd pleasing women silence self-doubt, conquer fear, and put a bomb under their internal blocks! So they can be the calm, confident, empowered woman they are inside. She does this by utilising a mixture of modalities:

  • Kinesiology
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Timeline Therapy™
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Pranic Healing

When Rachel decided she needed some Marketing Coaching from Vivacity Marketing, she wanted to get really clear on a marketing plan that would work for her business, and stop wasting time on stuff that didn’t matter.

Rachel wanted to increase the number of clients booking into the clinic each week, and learn ways to develop additional income streams for her business.

Business challenges

When Rachel approached Vivacity Marketing, she was feeling confused around where to invest her:
  • Time
  • Money
  • And energy

To get the best ROI (Return on Investment) for her business.

Many small business owners feel exactly like this in the health and wellness space, and end up wasting so much time and effort on marketing tactics that do not work, because they have not built their marketing strategy first.

Rachel needed help:
  • Optimising her website
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Building brand awareness
  • Obtaining PR (Public Relations) exposure
  • And understanding how to best use her social media platforms

Why did you choose Vivacity Marketing?

“I chose Vanessa because I had heard so many great things about her already, and I just connected with her. She is very knowledgeable, personable, trustworthy, understood my situation and needs, and made me feel very comfortable. So I felt at ease with Vanessa straight away and knew she would be the perfect marketing coach for me.” Rachel Dhanjal.

Our approach

Rachel didn’t have a marketing strategy or a marketing plan in place, like so many small business owners in Perth that we meet.

So our starting point was to have a two hour marketing consultation so that I could fully understand the business, what marketing activity had and hadn’t worked previously, business processes and revenue streams.

After our initial meeting, we agreed that once per month marketing coaching was the best service to help Rachel grow her business.

We then commenced working together on:

  • Creating an effective marketing strategy
  • Building a marketing plan
  • Setting goals
  • Identifying and validating buyer personas
  • Identifying her point of difference and core message
  • And putting some metrics in  place that we could track each month.

Marketing Coaching has resulted in a 30% increase in revenue

“I have increased my clients in clinic and therefore revenue and sales by 30% since seeing Vanessa. I have increased traffic to my website by 10% since working on my SEO and creating a keyword plan. I also have a clear strategy in place to create an online program that will add to my monthly revenue streams which is really exciting!” Rachel Dhanjal.

Strategy and goals to assist business growth

“Working with Vanessa has been an amazing experience. I was honestly clueless when I met Vanessa in terms of my marketing strategy – well I had no strategy! Now I actually have strategies and goals in place to support my business growth and move forwards with clarity and confidence.

I love our coaching sessions because I know she will give me the clarity and tasks required to get me to the next step. She is down to earth and so easy to get along with, you can’t NOT love Vanessa! I was blown away by her efficiency and no BS approach – you get moving forward fast that’s for sure.

I would highly recommend Vanessa to all small business owners needing marketing guidance and support to help their business grow. Thanks Vanessa for all of your help.” Rachel Dhanjal



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