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How this coach increased her revenue by 50% Article
how this coach increased her revenue by 50%

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Marketing a coaching business

Sarah had launched her business 8 months earlier and she didn’t have a strategy, plan or any real direction for her business. She had been winging it. But she wanted to have a strategy and plan in place to help her attract her perfect clients.

In this case study I will share Sarah Rusbach increased her revenue by 50% through implementing a marketing strategy and plan.

About Sarah Rusbatch

Sarah Rusbatch is a certified Women’s Health and Wellbeing Coach, an accredited Grey Area Drinking Coach and the face behind Perth’s alcohol-free movement.

Her areas of coaching speciality include:

  • Sobriety and grey area drinking
  • Creating a fulfilling and purposeful life after 40, rediscovering and reconnecting to you again
  • Breaking unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms to create those that support you physically and emotionally.

Marketing Challenge

“I had launched my business 8 months earlier and it had been going well but I had no plan, no direction and no marketing strategy. I was fumbling in the dark trying out different strategies with no real idea of what i was doing and without consistency. I could see competitors popping up and I wanted to ensure I was in the best possible place to position myself and attract the perfect clients for me.” Sarah Rusbatch, Founder of Sarah Rusbatch


Sarah began searching in her networking for someone who could help her with her marketing strategy and plan, when she found Vivacity Marketing:


“Vanessa had come highly recommended by ladies I knew who had worked with her and had great results. I also loved Vanessa’s passion and energy and I felt she asked so many questions to really understand my business and what my needs would be so she could work out if she would be a good fit for me.” Sarah Rusbatch, Founder of Sarah Rusbatch


The Marketing Approach

After chatting with Sarah and discussing her business in depth and what she was trying to achieve over the next 12 months it became really evident that she needed a marketing strategy and plan for her business to help her achieve her desired growth.

Sarah was already working with a web design agency and a Facebook Ads Manager so my role was to provide a clear strategy and plan for all stakeholders involved, so that we could take the business to where it needed to be.

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The benefits to Sarah’s Business

“I now have a clear strategy and direction for my business and goals to work towards.
My revenue has increased by 50% and cusomter engagement has also increased dramatically.” Sarah Rusbatch, Founder of Sarah Rusbatch


Part of the marketing strategy and plan was also to assist Sarah in breaking into the corporate space and booking in some talks with mining companies around Australia. It’s always great to get such lovely feedback and results for a client. Here’s what Sarah has to say:

“Vanessa is so genuine and passionate about what she does and I felt she really cared about my business and helping me to reach my goals. I felt her approach to my business was not a ‘one size fits all’ but a carefully considered approach relevant to my industry, my business and my needs. She took time to understand what I needed and made sure to meet those needs (and in the process exceed all my expectations). I would recommend Vanessa to anyone looking for strategy and direction for the marketing growth of their business.” Sarah Rusbatch, Founder of Sarah Rusbatch


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