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How marketing coaching helped this nail salon double revenue Article
Marketing a nail salon

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Marketing a nail salon

In the beauty industry competition is tough. Many nail salons compete on price, however quality of products used and nail health is key. Marketing a nail salon can be a daunting task, especially if you have tried marketing activities in the past that haven’t really worked.

In this blog, I will illustrate how Vivacity Marketing has helped the nail salon Kustom Klaws, to double their monthly revenue, and attract more new customers to become regular customers for her business, through some marketing coaching for the salon.

Kustom Klaws

Kustom Klaws is a a salon based in Nedlands in Perth. A multi-award winning nail salon, specialising in custom nail art. They are located in Claremont, where they provide a number of manicure and acrylic services.

In 2017, Kenjai began working from her home based salon. And in May of 2018, Kustom Klaws opened doors at their current location inside Bronze Bombshell Beauty in Claremont.

Marketing Workshop

I first met Kenjai when she attended an Inbound Marketing workshop that I ran in March 2018, at the Multicultural Business expo. At that point she was looking for a suitable salon to move into, to grow her business from part time to full time.

The workshop got her to start working on her marketing strategy and online marketing plan for her business. But after the marketing workshop, she needed help with:

  • Finishing her marketing strategy and marketing plan
  • Digital marketing
  • Implementing her plan
  • Getting more engagement from her Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Attracting more clients to her new salon in Claremont.

“I’d say my biggest challenge was not really knowing how to apply the theories I’d learnt in the past, in a way that was relevant to my business.I feel like I was randomly and aimlessly throwing social media posts out into the world.” Kenjai, Owner of Kustom Klaws. 

Business challenges

Kustom Klaws had been operating as a part time business from home, but with the move to the new salon, this meant increased business expenses. So the biggest challenge was to increase the number of customers and revenue on a monthly basis, to grow the business into a full time operation, and understanding how build the best marketing plan for the nail salon.

Our approach

Since Kenjai had already attended the Inbound Marketing workshop, we decided to book in some marketing coaching sessions to build on what Kenjai had already learnt at the workshop, and to finish her marketing strategy and plan.

We needed to be really clear on the Kustom Klaws ideal client and buyer personas, as there are now effectively two personas rather than previously there was just one type of client that came to see Kenjai. Once we had a clear picture of each of the types of clients we then worked through a marketing plan on how to reach these customers, with specific marketing activities.

How has marketing coaching helped?

“Vanessa was really great at helping me set clarity, direction and purpose with my marketing. She gave me the tools I needed to help bump my business up. She also help me set targets which has really helped. I highly recommend Vivacity Marketing & Vanessa.” Kenjai, Owner of Kustom Klaws.

The results

  • Revenue – Revenue has doubled since Kenjai has implemented her marketing plan.
  • Instagram – Followers have grown by +700 in one month.
  • Facebook – Fans have increased by +30 in a month.
  • New clients – 30 new clients in one month.

“The best part of my one on one session was really being able to focus on things specific to my business.Vanessa helped me learn how to post on my social media accounts, with purpose and direction.” Kenjai, Owner at Kustom Klaws 

Some really strong results for Kustom Klaws which is really exciting to see. How did she do it? She invested in marketing coaching, and implemented all of the marketing activity that we planned. She invested time and revenue into her marketing, and it has paid off.

Do you need some help with your marketing?

If you need a helping hand marketing your business, get in touch with Vanessa at Vivacity Marketing. We would love to help you attract more clients and grow your business.


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