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Marketing coaching helps skincare brand increase revenue by 75%

Marketing coaching helps skincare brand increase revenue by 75% Article
Marketing a skincare range

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Marketing a skincare brand

I met Sam Sawchuk, Owner of Sweetpea Natural Skincare,  at a speed networking event at the end of 2017. She was packed full of enthusiasm about her new range of skincare products that she was making, but she felt she needed help with her marketing, as she didn’t know where to start marketing a skincare brand.

So we decided to do some ongoing marketing coaching to help Sam turn her business into a professional operation. In the case study I will outline how we increased Sams revenue by 75% month on month through marketing coaching.

About Sweetpea Natural Skincare

Sweetpea Natural Skincare is a heart-centred business that believes you should be able to have beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, naturally. They make ultra-nourishing products for when you want to dive into some self-care. They make your go-to’s, like body moisturiser, deodorant, aches + pain cream and PMS bar. All products are handmade with love + some seriously good vibes!

Marketing challenges

Sam simply didn’t know where to start marketing her gorgeous skincare range, and had really only been selling the products to people that she knew. She was keen to get the product into new customers hands, and spread her products far and wide.

Before working with Vanessa, I had absolutely no idea how to connect with potential clients. I knew I had something really special that I wanted to share with others, but didn’t know how to find my tribe. Sam Sawchuk, Owner of Sweetpea Natural Skincare

Business challenges

My biggest business challenge was that I always felt in the dark about what my next step should be. I knew I wanted to move forward and grow my business but I didn’t know where to start or who to contact and I found it very frustrating. Having Vanessa’s guidance and wealth of knowledge to support me and my business has brought me back to enjoying expanding my business, rather than stressing about it! Sam Sawchuk, Owner of Sweetpea Natural Skincare

Our marketing coaching approach…

In the beginning, working with Sam was like starting with a blank canvas, she hadn’t been in business long so we had the luxury of setting everything up correctly from the start. Here are the things we worked on to help her achieve some phenomena results in her business:

  • Develop a logo that represented the vibrancy of her skincare brand
  • Finalise packaging & labels – which are all environmentally friendly and minimal waste
  • Planned out her route to market
  • Researched which events & markets would be best to attend to reach new customers
  • Develop branded collateral to use at events and markets
  • Social media training – branding, colours, what to post etc.
  • Build a brand new website to sell her skincare products online globally
  • Worked out revenue targets, costs of goods, pricing and margins
  • We also worked on her core message, point of difference and ideal client.

Working with Vivacity Marketing Coaching…

I asked Sam, what did she enjoyed most about working together, and here’s what she said….

Vanessa is an absolute gem of a person, so she’s great to be around in general. She is efficient, resourceful and creative. But my favourite part about working with Vanessa is that she gets stuff done! Sam Sawchuk, Owner of Sweetpea Natural Skincare

The result – A 75% increase in revenue….

For a client to be successful with our marketing coaching program, they need to put in the work and do the tasks that  have been set between sessions. Sam was such a great student she was eager and willing and put into practice everything we covered in our sessions.

So much has changed since working with Vanessa. I now have a registered business name, business cards, a logo, a regular market space, an ever-growing group of customers, an expanding product line, a beautiful Instagram page, a gorgeous website, and then some! Without Vanessa’s guidance and expertise, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Sam Sawchuk, Owner of Sweetpea Natural Skincare

Do you need some help with your marketing?

If you need a helping hand marketing your business, get in touch with Vanessa at Vivacity Marketing. We would love to help you attract more clients and grow your business.


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