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Holiday rentals booking platform steadily grows their reservations month on month

Holiday rentals booking platform steadily grows their reservations month on month Article
Marketing a travel business

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Marketing a holiday rentals booking platform

Entering a competitive space like the travel and holiday accommodation industry, is a huge undertaking. Especially when  you are going head to head with global giants such as Airbnb.

In this case study I will share how working with Amanda at WA Homestay, helped her start up business to go from zero monthly bookings, to a steady increase in bookings month on month, over a 9 month period.

About WA Homestay

Amanda Walker founded WA Homestay in 2018. After growing up travelling down south for weekends, as many people from WA do, she had seen a transformation in the WA holiday over a 30 year period.

She observed that families loved to book a holiday homes during the holidays. These types of family holidays provided an opportunity to build beautiful family memories, and also to reminisce about her holidays as a child.

So Amanda identified an opportunity in the WA holiday home space, to build a better online platform, to book their holiday accommodation. When you book with WA Homestay you are getting the following benefits:

  • all bookings are fair to both holiday home owners and guest
  • cheaper booking fees
  • only registered accommodation is allowed on the platform
  • they offer great last minute deals (get on their email list so you don’t miss out!)
  • they to Telethon with every booking made.

Marketing Challenge

We were up against some major multinational competition so breaking into the holiday rental market was a huge undertaking, especially when bootstrapping the business on a couples budget! Amanda Walker, Director of WA Homestay

Amanda had been referred to myself, and Vivacity Marketing by her trusted friend, Megan who was involved in the marketing industry as well.

When you haven’t had marketing experience or exposure to the marketing industry, having a referral from someone “in the know” is worth its weight in gold, so I didn’t hesitate to take the advice. Amanda Walker, Director of WA Homestay

Amanda had been running some Facebook Ads and Google Ads herself, but she now felt it was time to bring in an expert and outsource her digital marketing activities.

Our Approach

The first step was to gain access to the Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts to identify what was working well and what could be improved upon with the current campaign set up.

We made recommendations around new imagery and copy, and also some enhancements that would be made to the WA Homestay website.

And we suggested expanding the Google Ads campaign onto the Google Display Network, as it was a great way to build brand awareness and get the business in front of more new ideal customers.

We worked with Amanda for 9 months managing all  of her Google Ads and Facebook Ads and we had a monthly meeting, to go through the monthly reports to see what was working and what could be improved upon.

When the new flights commenced between Melbourne and Margaret River, we were able to add some targetted ads into the mix to target the Melbourne market also.

The benefits to WA Homestay’s business

Being a Startup Tech Business, it was all about building brand awareness and trust within the wider community. Vivacity Marketing helped us reach as many people as possible on our budget. The positive effect of outsourcing our marketing to Vivacity Marketing, was undeniable. Our users and reservations increased steadily. It was wonderful and heartening to watch. To get timely feedback about which campaigns were most effective, allowed us to be more efficient with our ad spend, which is critical when you are a startup. Amanda Walker, Director of WA Homestay

With any digital campaign it’s important to re-fresh the copy and imagery used on a regular basis. Otherwise your ads can have ad fatigue. So I worked closely with Amanda each month to create new graphics for Google Display Network and Facebook. And we also used video ads on Facebook too.

The campaigns were nimble so we were able to promote specific events or locations at different times of the year. The bookings on the WA Homestay platform have grow month on month as a result.

If you need assistance with SEO, Google Ads or Facebook Ads, please get in touch. I’d love to help. — Helping you build a vibrant business


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