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This Virtual Assistant increased revenue by 50% through effective marketing

This Virtual Assistant increased revenue by 50% through effective marketing Article
This VA went from zero clients to fully booked with the right marketing in place

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Marketing a virtual assistant business

When Sue launched her brand new Virtual Assistant business, she was really struggling to connect with the right kind of clients, and to know what marketing was going to work for her type of business.

In this case study I will share how Sue West from Sue West VPO, went from having no clients as brand new business, to being fully booked, after doing Marketing School.

About Sue West VPO

Sue West launched her business Sue West VPO in 2019.

Launching Sue West Virtual & Professional Organiser in 2019 came from a passion that has always been with Sue throughout both her personal life and professional career – being organised.

After working in the corporate world for 25+ years, and spending the past 7 years working as an Interior Consultant in the renovation and building industry, Sue wanted to create a change of lifestyle, and wanted to work one-on-one with small business owners and assist in the everyday running of their business within a different range of fields.

Sue is happiest when she is helping a small business get organised, and when she can make their day easier.

Marketing Challenge

I was just starting out in my business and my biggest challenge was marketing myself, connecting with my niche and using my website as my ‘shop’ front. I also needed help with knowing where to network and how to use LinkedIn for my business to connect with potential clients.  Sue West Founder of Sue West VPO. 


Sue had been referred to me and Marketing School,  through her business coach.


I decided to choose Vanessa after booking in a 15min chat, Vanessa was so enthusiastic and I absolutely loved her feedback all within the first call. I re-did my whole website after our first call! Sue West Founder of Sue West VPO. 


The Marketing Approach

After chatting with Sue, on our discovery call, it was clear that Sue wanted to learn how to do her own marketing. Yes she didn’t know where to start or what marketing channels to use. She also needed help with generated leads for her  business, her website layout, and how to navigate social media to attract new clients.

So after our initial call I suggested that Marketing School, which is my 4 week online marketing coaching course would be a great solution for Sue. Because she would learn everything from how to build  her marketing strategy and plan, SEO, website layout, social media, email marketing and more.

Which was going to get her off onto the right path with her brand new business, to help her attract more clients.

So Sue did the 4 week online course, and booked in her two Zoom calls with me where we could discuss her specific marketing challenges, and I could  help her move forward and advise the best approach for her specific business.

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The benefits to Sue’s Business

Vanessa was just so easy to talk too and made sense out of all things marketing. I felt Vanessa really knew wanted needed to be done and always gave great advice on the course, and on our Zoom calls. The biggest improvement to my business has been at least a 50%  increase in revenue, connecting with more potential clients and an increase of monthly referrals in my business. Sue West Founder of Sue West VPO. 


Sue has seen such growth in her business because she completed the 4 week online course Marketing School, booked her two Zoom calls with me, and she implemented what she learnt. What this has meant for Sue is that she is now fully booked, and she has a continuous flow of referrals coming into her business and she is fast becoming one of the go to VA’s in Perth.

I know it can be tempting to sign up to every personal development course under the sun, but unless you implement what you learn, you are wasting your time and money.

If you need assistance with marketing your business get in touch. I’d love to help. — Helping you build a vibrant business


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