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How this mobile physio used marketing to be fully booked in 6 months

How this mobile physio used marketing to be fully booked in 6 months Article
How this mobile physio went to fully booked through his marketing

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Marketing a mobile physio business

Tim was launching a brand new business which was a mobile physiotherapy business in WA’s south west. He knew he needed help with marketing so that his business was a success from the get go.

In this case study I will share how Tim Pass from Abode In Home Physio went from launch to fully booked in just 6 months thanks to the work he did with Vivacity Marketing to set himself up for a successful business.

About Abode In Home Physio

Tim Pass launched his brand new business Abode In Home Physio in 2021.

While working as a home-visiting physio in Perth, Tim Pass identified a growing demand for in-home physiotherapy services, particularly among older people who were unable to attend a clinic. At the same time, he discovered a shortage of home-visiting physiotherapists in the South West; the region in which he started his own physiotherapy career.

Having seen first-hand the positive impact of in-home physiotherapy on people’s lives, Tim decided he could benefit the South West community by establishing a local practice designed to meet the growing demand for in-home physiotherapy. And so, in 2021 Abode In-Home Physio was born.

Marketing Challenge

I started my healthcare practice from scratch, and in an area where I was not working previously. Therefore nobody knew about me at the beginning. I felt it was pivotal that I obtained professional advice regarding marketing to promote brand awareness in the early stages of business. I also had virtually no knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, and therefore needed guidance on this as well. Tim Pass, Founder of Abode In Home Physio. 


Tim began his search for a marketing consultant and digital agency on Google and when he found Vivacity Marketing:


Initially I chose Vanessa because her website appealed to me, both in terms of visual appeal and the content. I wanted someone who had experience working with healthcare practices, and Vanessa’s experience in this area was clearly demonstrated on her website. I also liked the fact that she worked directly with a graphic designer and web designer and coordinated their activities with her own marketing plan for my business. Tim Pass, Founder of Abode In Home Physio 


The Marketing Approach

After meeting with Tim to discuss his new business venture it became clear that in order to set Tim and his business up for success Tim would need:


  1. A full marketing strategy and plan for Abode In Home Physio.
  2. Graphic design for all of his printed branded collateral – flyers, business cards, pens and information packs.
  3. A new website.

By starting with the marketing strategy and plan first, we could then help Tim launch his business for the first 6 months with a strong strategy in place, so that he could hit his weekly patient targets and get him established and well known within the south west.

Tim’s plan also incorporated how many patients he needed to get to before he could bring on a second physio and also some Admin support staff.

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The benefits to Tim’s Business

My investment in a marketing strategy and brand promotion techniques really paid dividends after only a few months. I was able to exceed my expected weekly client numbers at the 6-month mark, and subsequently exceed my revenue targets for this time period. Tim Pass, Founder of Abode In Home Physio. 


What’s even better is now that Tim is actively seeking a second physio to join his team, he’s nearly at capacity and he’s hired a receptionist. He’s building a strong brand in the south west and fast becoming the go to in home physio in that region.

The thing I liked most about working with Vanessa was her efficiency and reliability. When she said something would be done, she would make sure it was done. I also liked the fact that she was in regular contact with me via phone and email regarding the status of our marketing plan, and any important updates. This made me feel that she really cared about my business and its future success. Also, outsourcing my marketing to Vanessa and her team helped me free up valuable time and energy to focus on other important aspects of starting a healthcare business. Tim Pass, Founder of Abode In Home Physio. 


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