Small business marketing coach

Let’s face it, knowing how to market your business effectively is pretty confusing. Where should you start? How are you supposed to know where to spend your money to get the best ROI?

There are so many shiny bright marketing tactics out there the moment, to confuse you even further. 

So rather than wasting any more time and effort on tactics that simply aren’t attracting enough of the right kind of clients to  your business, you could work with a marketing coach. 

Vanessa Geraghty McGann, Founder of Vivacity Marketing can coach you on how to:

  • effectively market your business
  • so that you are attracting a continuous flow of your ideal client
  • and building the dream business you deserve.

Because we we want to help you build a business that gives you the time and freedom to spend time with your family and friends when you choose. 


“Vanessa was really great at helping me set clarity, direction and purpose with my marketing. She gave me the tools I needed to help bump my business up. She also help me set targets which has really helped. I highly recommend Vanessa.” Kenjai, Kustom Klaws


Marketing Coaching sessions are tailored for your unique small business

In your initial coaching session, we will dive deep into your business to truly understand your business, your challenges, your opportunities and then we will start to build your marketing strategy and plan, and you will be set homework to do between each session.

Here’s some examples of what the marketing coaching sessions can help you with:

  • Marketing Strategy – building your marketing strategy which lays the foundations for your business growth.
  • Services and pricing– we will take a look at your product and service offering and review your pricing structure. 
  • Branding – branding your business online and offline, and building your personal brand.
  • Research – how to do market research to truly understand your ideal client.
  • Ideal client – building your buyer personas based on your market research findings.
  • Plan – how to build a marketing plan that generates leads for your business both online and offline.
  • Social media marketing – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • PR/Media – how to write guest blogs for publications specific to your industry.
  • SEO – search engine optimisation for your website, and using Google My Business.
  • Content marketing – how to produce eBooks, blogs and videos for your business and ideal client.
  • Web design – we can build you a website together in our coaching sessions in Squarespace, if you don’t have a website.
  • Paid Ads – Facebook ads, Google ads, learn how to use these for your business.
  • CRM – ditch the spreadsheet and start using the Hubspot free CRM to store customer information and automated your business.
  • MailChimp – we can set up your email templates, campaigns and automation in Mailchimp.
  • Email marketing – develop an effective email marketing strategy for your unique business.
  • Sales processes – improve efficiency in your sales processes, and improve your lead to customer conversion rates.


An experienced marketing mentor and coach

I’m Vanessa Geraghty McGann, Founder of Vivacity Marketing. I’m a Marketing Strategist, Marketing Consultant and Marketing Coach, and I have 15+ years marketing experience working for:

  • BP
  • Coca-Cola
  • Nestle
  • Cadbury
  • Mortgage Choice
  • The Australian Institute of Fitness. 

I’ve also worked with a range of small businesses in Perth you can find out more here. 

I have also worked in advertising for 2 years at Initiative Media on brands such as Ferrero, Smirnoff, Smirnoff Ice, Budweiser, Carlsberg and Baileys. And I’ve worked in sales roles for 4 years at Independent Distillers, GE Finance and the Western Force Rugby.

So what this means is that I can bring a really unique view and skill set to your business, with my extensive background in marketing, advertising, and sales.




“Vanessa was so considerate about finding a time that worked in with my family commitments and provided me with more information and insight into my business in 45 minutes than I’ve been able to come up with in 12 months. Vanessa shared her knowledge without making me feel stupid and is genuinely interested in what I can do to grow my business.” Tara Clarke, Blacklash Makeup Design


Marketing Coaching Packages 

We offer two main marketing coaching packages:

  • 2 Month Package – 4 x 1 hr Marketing Coaching Sessions, over 2 months – $1,600 + GST
  • 3 Month Package – 6 x 1 hr Marketing Coaching Sessions, over 3 months – $2,000 + GST
  • There will be 2 coaching sessions per month. 
  • All sessions must be used with the allocated 2 or 3 months periods. 
  • Coaching sessions can be done via Zoom video calls or face to face depending on the location of the client. 
  • View our Terms & Conditions here. 


So let’s start by booking a discovery call via the button below, so that we can start your marketing journey together today! 


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