Marketing Strategy & Plan

Marketing your business starts firstly with building a robust marketing strategy. A strategy lays the foundations for your business as it’s where you set your goals, discover your point of difference, do your market research, build your buyer persona, and build your marketing plan and content plan.

This is where the Vivacity Marketing team steps in and helps, by developing a concise marketing strategy and marketing plan for your unique business. The starting point is to book your marketing consultation.



Marketing Strategy

What’s included in a marketing strategy and marketing plan?

We will take the time and effort to research and build a robust marketing strategy and plan for your business which consists of:

  • Goals – We will set your revenue, new customer and marketing goals.
  • Market Research – We will research your ideal client to understand how they make  purchase decisions you want to influence.
  • Buyer Personas – From our research findings we will build your buyer persona for your business.
  • Point of Difference – Every business has a point of difference, we will help you articulate yours.
  • Core Message – We will develop your core message.
  • Content Plan – We will build a twelve month content plan for your business, and do a content audit where applicable.
  • Marketing Plan – We will map out your digital and offline touch points recommended to reach your ideal client. This will be your twelve month marketing plan.
  • Social Media – We will recommend which platforms to have a presence on based on our research, and advise how to utilise each one.

Marketing Support – We can provide ongoing marketing coaching as required to help you implement your strategy and plan. Or you have the option to outsource the elements in your marketing plan to the Vivacity Marketing team.

“We engaged Vanessa to do our marketing plan for our new home wares business as we needed a concise and clear plan to work from to open our new start up, and was looking for someone who connected with our vision.

Vanessa and I met for an initial meeting and we just clicked. I left the meeting feeling confident with Vanessa, as she had many inspiring ideas. Her enthusiasm was infectious!  And here we are now at the start of our journey with a clear and concise marketing blueprint for our business. We can’t thank you enough!” Delappe Russell, Indian Summer Home.

Book your marketing consultation to find out how we can help you build a marketing strategy to set you up for success.


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