Smart creative Marketing Tips that totally work, direct to your inbox.. YES PLEASE!
Smart creative Marketing Tips that totally work, direct to your inbox..

Marketing & business Audit

The assessment tool to determine what marketing activity you actually need to increase your business revenue.

Do you find that you are juggling so many tasks at once in business, that you never have the time to: 

  • Assess your marketing plan to see what’s working and what isn’t, so that you can maximise ROI.
  • Review your services and revenue goals, and see where you can grow further.
  • Look at your website analytics and customer’s paths so that you can optimise for growth.
  • Review your business plan and processes to ensure your team’s time and external resources match your revenue goals.

If this sounds familiar, you could be wasting lot’s of time and effort on business and marketing activities that are not delivering an effective return on investment. And your customer conversion rates may be too low. 

I’d love to help you figure out what you need to do with your business and marketing activities, to get better results moving forward via The marketing and business audit. 

What’s included in a marketing/business audit?

The marketing and business audit is a 1.5 hour face to face meeting, where I come to your office and we will review the following together. Your:

  • Business plan and services provided.
  • Marketing strategy and plan. 
  • Branding style guide.
  • Website & analytics. 
  • SEO strategy and keyword plan.
  • Client onboarding process.
  • Revenue targets. 

After this meeting I will go away and compile my recommendations and a plan forward based on findings from the audit.

Marketing & Business Audit

Your Marketing Investment

Your investment for a marketing and business audit is $899. 

With this investment you will be setting your business up for the success it deserves, long term.  

The audit will help you to get really clear on what areas of your business and marketing needs some TLC.

And also it will shine a spotlight on which areas of your business are consuming too much of your time and energy, and should be outsourced, to free up your time to do the activities that you love most in your business.

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Book your Audit

To book your marketing and business audit, simply pay via the form below. 

And we will be in touch within 48 hours to organise a time to do your audit. 

Marketing and business audit