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Small business Marketing Coach

Let’s face it, knowing how and where to market your business  is pretty confusing. Where should you start? 

There are so many shiny bright marketing tactics out there, at the moment, to confuse you even further.

So rather than wasting any more time and effort on tactics that simply aren’t attracting enough of the right kind of clients to  your business, it’s time to take control of your marketing.

Here’s what working together looks like:

  1. You must complete the 4 week online course Marketing School first, prior to doing any 1:1 marketing coaching. 
  2. Then we can book in the 1:1 marketing coaching sessions together to get into the specifics in your business. 

An experienced marketing mentor and coach

I’m Vanessa Geraghty, Founder of Vivacity Marketing. Within my first year in business I built my business to be a global six figure business. So I can coach you on how to do the same! I have 19+ years marketing experience working for:

  • BP
  • Coca-Cola
  • Nestle
  • Cadbury
  • Mortgage Choice
  • The Australian Institute of Fitness.

I’ve worked with a range of small businesses in Perth you can find out more here. And I ran a part time personal training business for 8 years, so I know the challenges in getting started in small business. 

I have also worked in advertising for 2 years at Initiative Media on brands such as Ferrero, Smirnoff, Smirnoff Ice, Budweiser, Carlsberg and Baileys. And I’ve worked in sales roles for 4 years at Independent Distillers, GE Finance and the Western Force Rugby.

So what this means is that I can bring a really unique view and skill set to your business, with my extensive background in marketing, advertising, and sales

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Marketing Coaching Client Testimonials..

"Vanessa was really great at helping me set clarity, direction and purpose with my marketing. She gave me the tools I needed to help bump my business up. She also helped me to set targets which has really helped my business! I highly recommend Vanessa as a Marketing Coach."
Kustom Klaws

Marketing Coaching Investment

Before you can do 1:1 marketing coaching with me, you need to have first completed Marketing School which is our 4 week online course. 

Then you can book in for 1:1 sessions and the details are as follows: 

  • 1 hour marketing coaching session – $220 per session 
  • All coaching sessions are now done via Zoom
  • You will receive support via phone/email in between each session 
  • View our Terms & Conditions here. 

Let's get started

So let’s start by emailing me via the button below, so that we can start your marketing journey together today!