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Want to learn how to get more of the right customers and increase your sales?

I totally get it, even the mention of the word marketing has you running for the hills. You may have already thrown your money at paid ads, but then nothing, not one single enquiry. So what now?

Well with so many marketing options you can pursue, it’s confusing, right? 

You know you have to do it and you’re so keen to get it right but, where do you begin with marketing your business? 

If your marketing tasks like content marketing, email marketing, and posting on social media NEVER get done, then you’re not marketing your business

And that’s the great travesty. 

Because if you’re not marketing your business, the world is not getting to benefit from your amazing products or services. 

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But imagine this for your small business……

  • You’re making five figure months regularly.
  • You’ve got a clear marketing strategy and plan in place.
  • You’re generating consistent profits.
  • You’re confident with your daily marketing. 
  • You’re getting customers from multiple sources.
  • You can now afford to outsource some of the tasks in your business! 

Is this how you see your business?

MARKETING SCHOOL, which is my online marketing course,  will give you the marketing skills and confidence you need to grow your business. It can all start right here, right now! No more wasting money on marketing that is not working for your business. This will help you get your marketing roadmap to success. Are you ready?

Why I developed Marketing School….

Hi, I’m Vanessa, and my business, Vivacity Marketing, is living proof that you can take your business from zero to 6 figures, by putting a marketing system in place, and I did this twice!

Why twice? Well when COVID hit in 2020 within the space of a week all of my clients cancelled their marketing services. So I could either sink or swim. So I swam cause I knew that I had a marketing system that I could just implement again. And I grew my business for a second time to a global 6 figure business. I even won an award that year at the end of 2020! 

Are you here because you’re overwhelmed at the thought of marketing your business? 

Back in 2017 I was where you are now. I had started my business, yet I had no clue how to actually run a small business. You see, I had spent the previous 17+ years working in corporate marketing for global companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Cadbury and BP, with multi-million dollar budgets.

But now I had to learn how to market and run a small business as a marketing consultant, and on a small budget.

I invested in a  course for marketing consultants like me, through Duct Tape Marketing University in the U.S. and it taught me a proven marketing system to help grow a business, and I realised that this marketing system could be applied to any type of business!

My vision was simple, to create the essential online marketing course for start-ups and small business owners.

Marketing School - 4 week online marketing course

What previous Marketing School students have to say

Is Marketing School right for me?

Marketing School is for start-up business owners and small business owners struggling with marketing, yet who have a burning desire to succeed.

Whether you are a product or service based business, I need you to be sure that you’re action orientated, ambitious and ready for the next level in your business

Learn how to showcase your brilliant business with Marketing School. 

I will teach you how to market your business with confidence through a series of powerful online sessions.

The lessons are fully online so you can learn at your own pace and refer back to lessons at a later stage if you need to. 

BUT you must be committed and motivated to watch all the lessons and complete all of your homework. 

When you implement what you learn into your business, that’s when the magic and real growth will happen. 

Are you ready to start Marketing School? 

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Ok, so let me tell  you what’s included in Marketing School..

Video lessons

All lessons are delivered via video lessons, it's fully online. In some of the lessons you also get bonus resources too!

Lifetime access

You have lifetime access to the video lessons so you can learn at your own pace, and you can refer back to the lesson at any time.

Guest presenters

There are 4 GUEST PRESENTERS also included in the course so that you don’t get bored of just me talking to you!


Each video lesson has homework and you also get a workbook to complete your homework for each lesson in.

The Marketing School Lessons


Building a Marketing Strategy & Plan

Lesson 1 Marketing school Marketing Strategy and Plan

A marketing strategy lays the foundations for success in your business. It will help you to research and understand your ideal customers, your point of difference and core message.

You will set goals for your business and build a marketing plan for you business using the most relevant marketing channels to reach your ideal customers to convert them from browsers into buyers.



Website Audit and SEO

Lesson 2 Marketing School SEO

In this lesson, I will take you through best practices for website layout and design.  

Then I move into Search Engine Optimisation, how to do keyword research, a technical audit, how to rank better on Google and how to use Google My Business for local search rankings. 




Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Lesson 3 Marketing School Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Paid Ads are a great way to attract a continuous flow of new customers to your business. 

In this lesson you will learn how to build a successful Google campaign and a Facebook campaign, and how to build your audiences and do keyword research.



Email Marketing and landing pages

Lesson 4 Marketing School Email Marketing

Email Marketing is very powerful way to nurture your leads through their buying journey. In this lesson you will learn how to build an email automation and a landing page in MailChimp.

We have a fabulous GUEST PRESENTER too in this lesson, Lindsay Morano from Hello Bar, discussing how you can capture more email addresses via your website.



Social Media Marketing

Lesson 5 Marketing School Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a waste of time if you are not posting content that’s engaging, relevant and adds value to your audience. 

In this lesson we will look at content ideas and content formats for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 

Our GUEST PRESENTER in this lesson is Darrel Griffin, from the InCrowd discussing all things LinkedIn. And Kate Emiley is another GUEST PRESENTER sharing her YouTube tips. 



Content Marketing

Lesson 6 Marketing School Content Marketing

Content is the voice of your marketing strategy, and it creates touch points to guide your potential clients through their buying journey, and ultimately leads them to you.

In this lesson I will show you how to plan and approach your content marketing, to attract more customers to your business. And we have GUEST PRESENTER Liz Green who is a copywriter in this lesson. 



Blogging, pillar pages and topic clusters

Lesson 7 Marketing School  Blogging and Pillar Pages

In this lesson I will teach you the anatomy of writing a great blog, and then how to organise your blog content on your website into pillar pages and topic clusters.

Google loves when you website is organised in this way, so it will assist with your rankings on Google.



Video Marketing

Lesson 8 Marketing School Video Marketing

Video marketing is a really important part of your content marketing strategy and it can’t be ignored even if you are camera shy!

In this lesson I show you how to get started with shooting and editing videos for your business, to share on social media. Videos are such a powerful tool to get your audience to know, like and trust you!


What’s the TOTAL VALUE you’ll receive from the Marketing School experience? 

It’s a total value of $3,500 AUD!

What you actually pay for the Marketing School collection of videos and tutorials, bonus lessons from the fabulous guest presenters,  which are full of absolutely everything you need to take your business from start up to superstar, is all for: 

  • 1 single payment of $497 – Spots are limited so don’t miss out! 
  • OR if you still have questions about if Marketing School is right for you, let’s jump on a call! Contact me here

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Top 50 Small Business Leaders Australia 2020 - Vanessa Geraghty

2020 Top 50 Small Business Leaders Australia Award

Selected by Inside Small Business and a panel of small business experts, the annual Top 50 small business leaders, celebrates the diversity and entrepreneurship of Australia’s small business owners. 

I was thrilled to be announced as one of the 2020 Top 50 Small Business Leaders in Australia.

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What if you had a business that created consistent sales?

Pssst…I’ll let you in on a little secret: You can!


I would absolutely love you to join Marketing School, but hey, if this is not the right time, that’s totally fine too.

We’re still friends.

I’d still be delighted to see you pop into my inbox  at with any questions you have about this course. Or you can call me on: 0404 838 813.

Wishing you all the success in the world with your beautiful business.

Vanessa x

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

Albert Einstein

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