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Are you confused when it comes to marketing your business? You may have designed your logo, built  your website, set up your social media accounts and now what, where are your customers? Well Marketing School is an affordable way to:

  • Learn how to market your business effectively
  • Build a marketing strategy and plan for your small business
  • Know which marketing channels are the right ones for you to attract the right kind of customers
  • Understand your ideal customers and where they hang out
  • Attract a continuous flow of your ideal customers each and every month!
  • Build a strong brand and memorable brand that stands out amongst the clutter online
  • And increase your business revenue
  • And finally get really clear on the products/services you offer and your pricing because we start by setting goals for your business!

Marketing School is our online marketing coaching program, where Vanessa, Founder of Vivacity Marketing will teach you everything you need to know about marketing your small business.

Vanessa built her own business to be a global six figure revenue business, and has doubled her revenue year on year in  her business. And now she will teach you how to do the same! If you have any questions about the course email us at:

So after doing the 8 week online Marketing School course you can walk away feeling confident that your business is going to thrive!

Vanessa Geraghty - Owner of Vivacity Marketing

8 week Marketing School Course

If you are the kind of person who wants to immerse themselves in a short intensive course and learn all that you can in 8 weeks. And you are committed to doing all of your lessons and homework each week, well then this might just be the course for you. You also can refer back to the video lesson at a later stage because you have lifetime access to the lessons! So no sweat if you can’t get it all done within 8 weeks.

And what’s even better is that you will have access to Vanessa via the Facebook group throughout the course.


Eleanor - The Family Travel Co


Lucy - Perth Baby Massage

The course details are as follows:

  • There will be 8 video lessons (scroll on down the page to see the 8 topics that are covered)
  • 8 sets of homework
  • A workbook that you will work through after each lesson
  • Lifetime access to the video lessons so you can re-watch the videos as often as you need! 
  • Support via the Marketing School Facebook group to ask  your questions, you have access to this group on an ongoing basis even after you finish the course 
  • Marketing & Mimosas events – These are our quarterly events with Vanessa to ask marketing questions, sip on mimosas and meet some other small business owners
  • Your investment – Join today for one payment of $699 by clicking on the $699 button below. 
  • 2 monthly payments Or you can pay two monthly payments of $350 by clicking on the $350 button below. 
Vivacity Marketing Event - Marketing and Mimosas

The 8 week course topics are:

  1. How to build a marketing strategy and plan.
  2. Website audit based on enhancing user experience, and search engine optimisation.
  3. Paid Ads – Google Ads & Facebook Ads. 
  4. Email marketing. 
  5. Social media marketing. 
  6. Content marketing.
  7. Blogging, pillar pages and cluster topics. 
  8. Video marketing.

You can do the lessons at a time that is convenient to you and your schedule. You will be fully supported in a private Facebook group.

By completing this course you will then know how to attract a continuous flow of clients to your business, and increase your revenue and build the business that you always dreamed of. 

I’m really enjoying Marketing School with Vanessa. The pace is realistic, and the homework tasks are interesting and useful. I’m no longer feeling confused and overwhelmed by ‘all the marketing stuff’. I can now see the way forward, and have simple steps to keep moving in the right direction.

Renee, Personal Trainer

Vivacity Marketing School

Marketing School - online marketing coach