Smart creative Marketing Tips that totally work, direct to your inbox.. YES PLEASE!
Smart creative Marketing Tips that totally work, direct to your inbox..

Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan


Do you find that you are attracting the wrong types of clients to your business? 

Or maybe you don’t have enough clients. 

These problems won’t be fixed by throwing more money at Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Instead you can pave the way for your success, by building a marketing strategy and digitial marketing plan for your business.

A marketing strategy lays the foundations for your business success, yet many small businesses that we work with only have a business plan and have not taken the time to invest in a marketing strategy and digital marketing plan. 

And that’s why you may find that your business is spending money on marketing with no real results. Or you may traditionally have relied on word of mouth referrals and they have all dried up now. So what’s next?

Well that’s where we can help because marketing strategy and digitial marketing planning is our speciality. There are two steps :

  1. Firstly we will build your marketing strategy and digital marketing plan. 
  2. Then we will implement your digital marketing plan monthly via our outsourced digital marketing service

So let’s book a consultation via the button below, so we can discuss your business and your challenges, and get started.


Marketing Strategy and Plan

About this service and a client testimonial....

What’s included in  a marketing strategy and plan?

I will take the time and effort to research and build a marketing strategy and plan for your unique business which includes: 

  • Goals & Objectives – setting measurable goals and marketing objectives for your business. 
  • Market research – research upt to 5 of your ideal clients to help build your buyer personas. 
  • Competitor analysis – your top 2 competitors in  your industry. 
  • Buyer persona – build a buyer persona for your business based on the market research findings. 
  • Point of difference – every business has a unique point of difference, we will help you articulate yours. 
  • Core message – develop your core marketing message.
  • Brand promise – craft your brand promise.
  • Keyword plan – a full keyword plan for your business. 
  • Website audit – a full audit of your website from layout, to SEO and suggest enhancements. 
  • Content plan – suggest the best format and types of content to produce each month to attract your ideal client.
  • Digital marketing plan – map out your digital marketing plan activities,  and tactics recommended to attract your ideal client. This is your customer journey map of touchpoints. 
  • Social media – recommend which social media channels to use, and recommendations on what to post on these channels. 

Next step will be to outsource  your marketing activities from the plan to the team at Vivacity Marketing. Because a plan is only as good as the implementation. 

We engaged Vanessa to do our marketing plan for our new home wares business as we needed a concise and clear plan to work from to open our new start up, and was looking for someone who connected with our vision. Vanessa and I met for an initial meeting and we just clicked. I left the meeting feeling confident with Vanessa, as she had many inspiring ideas. Her enthusiasm was infectious! And here we are now at the start of our journey with a clear and concise marketing blueprint for our business. We can’t thank you enough!

Delappe Russell, Indian Summer Home

Your Marketing Investment

Your investment for a marketing strategy and plan for your business is $4,999 + GST. Payment options available. 

With this investment you will be setting your business up for success by driving real business growth, by attracting the right kind of clients to your business. 

Because without a marketing strategy and plan for your business, and without truly understanding your ideal client, you are just flying blind and hoping for the best with no real structure or plan.

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