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Vivacity Marketing is proud partners with Hubdo, who are our digital marketing team, who help us provide a full range of digital marketing services to help you attract your ideal client online. 

We will build a digital marketing package for you, designed to optimise your marketing spend, reach your ideal client, and deliver a continuous lead flow to your business, that converts into long term loyal repeat customers.

Before we build and implement your digital marketing plan we will build a robust marketing strategy based on research. 

A range of digital marketing services

We will build a digital marketing package utilising a combination of these types of services to help you achieve your business goals, and your marketing strategy objectives:

Digital Marketing & Video

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Ads: Facebook, Google/YouTube, LinkedIn Ads
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing & email automation
  • Landing page design
  • Video content
  • Automating gathering reviews

Branding & Graphic Design

Logo design & business card design
Core message development
Building your story brand
Photography for website and social media
Brochure design
e-Books design
e-Newsletters design

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To find out more about outsourcing your marketing, and our digital marketing services, book a discovery call via the button below, and we can discuss the best way to help you meet your business growth objectives. 

Outsource digital marketing

Here are our most popular digital marketing services…

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO – all our websites are designed and written with SEO in mind. It helps the search engines like Google find you, which means your potential clients will too. SEO requires ongoing maintenance to remain effective. If you need help with this, or your existing site needs an SEO refresh, we can help.  Ask us about our SEO services.

Google Ads/YouTube Ads – these paid ads are shown to specified groups of web users within the Google ad/YouTube network. They give you the chance to be seen more often by your ideal client. We can plan and run your Google/YouTube Ads campaign to target your ideal client. Get help with your Google Ads.

Facebook Ads – changes to the Facebook algorithm have reduced the reach for posts from business pages. These inexpensive ads help you reach a wider, more tailored audience. Our experienced team can create and run your targeted Facebook ad campaign. Find out about Facebook Ads.

LinkedIn Ads – or if your ideal client is on LinkedIn we can also help you to improve your business reach on this social media platform.  LinkedIn ads could help you to reach a wider, more specific audience. Our experienced team can create and run your targeted LinkedIn Ad campaign. Find out about LinkedIn Ads.

Blogs – these give you a platform to educate or entertain your audience, grow your authority and build trust, which helps convert visitors into customers. Regular blog posts enhance your SEO as Google favours sites that publish original, high-quality content. Well-written blogs can be a drain on your time – why not let us write them for you?  Get help with blogs.

Email Marketing & Automation – email marketing is a fast and cost effective way to reach new customers for your business and also to retain your existing customers. We can help you set up MailChimp for your small business.  Get help with email marketing.

Landing Pages – all paid ads that you run for your small business should point to a landing page. Your landing page will have a free content offer such as an eBook, webinar, video series etc. And this landing page then needs to nurture the lead through an automated email campaign.  Get help with landing pages here. 

Graphic Design – whether you need business cards, letter head, branded envelopes, an eBook designed, a flyer, a brochure, social media banners or vouchers, we can assist you with all of your graphic design requirements. Use your offline marketing tools to drive traffic online to your website. Get help with graphic design here. 

Social Media Management – not sure what to post on social media? Unsure of which social platforms are right for your brand? We can take over managing your social presence and help build a base of loyal, engaged followers and fans.  Get help with social media management here.

Logo Development– if you need some help re-branding or developing a brand new logo we worth with a range of graphic designers who can assist in bringing your brand to life.  You can enquire about a new logo here. 

New Website – a website with a really great user experience is often the first exposure a potential client has to your brand. That’s why it’s important to invest the time and money in a copywriter and designing a website that is easy to navigate and moves your customers further along their buying journey. You can enquire about a new website here. 


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