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Smart creative Marketing Tips that totally work, direct to your inbox..

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Facebook/Instagram Ads provide an unbeatable opportunity to put your business in front of a well defined audience at relatively low cost.

The ability to run well targeted ads brings people to your website at a cost per click that is usually far lower than the typical price paid for a Google Ads search click on the search network.

The difference of course is that the Google visitor was searching for an answer at the time, so Google Ads is a very effective way to advertise to an audience looking for a solution.

Facebook in contrast, is a Social Network audience which means the advertisement must catch the attention of your audience and draw them in.

The audience it attracts is seldom ready to buy, but their interest is piqued and if you can address that, they become a sales lead for future potential business.

This is why Facebook Ads must be paired with a lead capture platform, typically within Facebook as Lead Ads, your website or a similar tool set up with a landing page that is designed to convert the visitor into a lead. 

The digital team at Vivacity Marketing will create and manage your Facebook Advertising Campaigns in line with your Marketing Strategy, to attract targeted visitors to your lead generation tool.

Facebook remarketing is also employed to attract back a visitor who has been on your site; this is also a very cost effective way to bring a visitor back until you have converted them into a contact. The email you gather using this method can be nurtured at very low cost using Email Marketing or other directed methods.

Vanessa Geraghty - Owner of Vivacity Marketing

Outsource your Ads Management

Your marketing investment for Facebook/Instagram Ads managmemt is $1,300 + GST set up cost, and $1,300 + GST per month ads management. We highly recommend that we build our marketing strategy and plan first. If you want to discuss Facebook/Instagram Ads Management or marketing strategy, get in touch today, we’d love to help.

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