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Smart creative Marketing Tips that totally work, direct to your inbox..

Google/YouTube Advertising

If you are considering spending advertising dollars to reach your ideal customers, then Google Ads is a great place to start.

Millions of users flock to Google daily to ask questions and find information to solve their problems, and answer their questions. 

Google Ads are great if you want to find:

  • Customer that are a great fit for your business
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Receive more phone calls and bookings
  • And increase your in-store visits.

Your business will show up on the search engine results page when your potential customers are looking for products/services like the ones you offer.

Campaign types

There are 3 campaign types in Google Ads:  search, display, or video
  • Search ads are text ads that are displayed among search results on a Google results page.
  • Display ads are typically image-based and are shown on web pages within the Google Display Network.
  • Video ads are about 15 seconds in length, and appear on YouTube.

Vivacity Marketing takes a conversion path view from the initial attraction of potential customers, through to measuring conversion to lead or sale.

This typically involves upgrading website ability to measure website behaviour and conversion. By connecting the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and the Google Ads console, this allows us to make regular incremental improvements on ROI for your advertising budget.

Outsource digital marketing

Want to find out more?

Your investment for Google Ads management (excluding Google Shopping Ads) is $1,300 + GST set up, and $1,300 + GST per month to manage your ads. 

For Google Shopping Ads we will provide a quote. 

Thousands of businesses just like yours, use Google Ads to attract new customers, your competitors are probably using these types of ads. So if you want to find out how we can assist with your Google Ads management, get in touch today.

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