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How to use Pinterest in your small business

Here’s why you need Pinterest for your small business

You may know Pinterest as the platform you go to for visual inspiration for things like; makeup, cooking, fashion, DIY and home décor. It’s a …

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Vivacity Marketing proudly supports The Underground Collaborative

Vivacity Marketing is supporting this social enterprise for the homeless

I first met Katie Liew, Founder and CEO of The Underground Collaborative, at a business networking event 3.5 years ago. When we did our round …

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Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads V Google Ads: Which is right for your business?

I get a lot of clients asking me the same question, should you be using Facebook/Instagram ads or Google ads or both? Which is going …

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How to use Loom to embed video into your email

How to use Loom to embed video into an email

Does it bother you when you want to share a video with a client in your email, but when you use a Vimeo or YouTube …

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6 marketing tips to help you reopen you business

6 Marketing tips to help you re-open your business

As life in Perth and the rest of Australia begins to slowly go back to normal (yay!), it’s now time to think about your marketing …

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7 Tips to help you write captivating headlines

7 Tips to help you write captivating headlines

Let’s face it if you have a weak headline on your blog, article, or video, it’s unlikely that you are going to entice many readers …

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How to repurpose your IGTV videos

How to re-purpose your IGTV videos into other content formats

So you create a fabulous video on Instagram, dripping in value, and then you post it to your IGTV channel (Instagram TV channel). And now …

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Google Shopping Ads Blog by Vivacity Marketing

How to use and set up Google Shopping Ads

So life as we know it has changed, due to COVID-19. The luxury of being able to walk into a store to buy clothes or …

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10 business and marketing tips to help you through this pandemic

10 Business & Marketing tips to help you through this pandemic

This is a crazy time of uncertainty that we are facing. I know already small businesses including my own; have been hit by the pandemic. …

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